Blink-182   Nine
Release Date: 2019

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0.0 Snake. | July 28th 19

"how do you do, fellow gays?"

-mark hoppus

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0.0 Mrs. Pain~~ | July 28th 19

This is their 8th album. Someone better tell them. It's not gonna be me. I don't wanna get yelled at.

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3.5 greatYOU are weird, not Tool. You. | August 4th 19

mark hoppus has publicly stated that they are, in fact, counting Buddha

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2.0 poorCasus belli CONTRIBUTOR | September 12th 19

if you people would just stop comparing this band to their old iteration and holding them up to your nostalgic standards maybe you would realize that this is still some vapid, empty rock music not worth your time

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1.0 awfulSlex CONTRIBUTOR | August 4th 19

Understand this isn’t just goodbye, this is I can’t stand you

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3.0 goodTrebor. STAFF | July 28th 19


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4.0 excellentbands that are not music l a dis pool ute | September 12th 19

as easy as it is to shit on this era of blink, not helped by some baffling and bizarre single choices if youre willing
to give it a chance this is the bands best album since the untitled album

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0.0 Nine | September 14th 19

Aw shit, my name's attached to this. I hope it's good.


4.0 excellentJayTheZoomster | September 13th 19

It might not stay a 4 but as of right now this album is fuckin' really REALLY solid. One of their best in ages.


2.0 poorSconza | September 11th 19

Album's bland as fuck. Best tracks are Darkside, Run Away, and maybe Pin the Grenade. Worst is easily Blame it On My Youth while every other track is some shade of forgettable.


4.0 excellentRawrz | September 11th 19

Wasnt sure what to expect from this album based on the singles, but pleasantly surprised how good many of the other tracks end up being.


2.0 poorDmax28 | September 11th 19

It's like Blink-182 Kidz Bop Edition. Highlights are The First Time, Darkside, Pin the
Gernade. Run Away and Black Rain are solid too. Production is very pleasant, maybe a
little too much so, but I think it would work better if only it wasn't paired with such
bland music. Travis is still really great, and Matt sounds good even though he is
underused vocally. Mark's voice isn't convincing anymore.


0.0 fred durst riffs harder than you | August 4th 19

if there ever was a case to be made for people like hitler who wanted to genocide half the world, the continued existence of blink-182 in 2019 cracks the top ten


0.0 Log S. | August 4th 19

@ deathschoolrimma just give them the benefit of the doubt & say they're counting Buddha


4.0 excellentwosaka0124 | September 15th 19
4.5 superbpbueddi101 | September 14th 19
1.0 awfulTheDangerman | September 14th 19
4.5 superbshivp119 | September 14th 19
2.0 poorPatientlyDead | September 13th 19
4.0 excellentMakurayami | September 13th 19
3.5 greatNorwichScene | September 13th 19
3.5 greatAmbushReality | September 13th 19
2.0 poorSpicyPikachu1 | September 12th 19
4.0 excellentMutantsnowstorm | September 12th 19
5.0 classicoh trudy, youre with the meanest boy in the hills STAFF | September 12th 19
1.5 very poorkroglor | September 12th 19
1.0 awfulCris13Sic | September 12th 19
2.0 poorJimmyPopAli | September 12th 19
5.0 classicDejaEntendu182 | September 11th 19
3.5 greatmaxer | September 11th 19
3.0 goodMatthias812 | September 11th 19
1.5 very poorStacyPeraltaUndergro | September 10th 19
1.0 awfulBeyondCosby | September 9th 19
1.0 awfulSpec | September 6th 19
1.0 awfulspatulagrass | August 30th 19

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