Blind Guardian   Legacy Of The Dark Lands
Release Date: 2019

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2.5 averageCoolNameGuy | November 9th 19

It's fine. Mostly everything is decent. There
are some highs within songs but every track
suffers from severe repetition and
overproduction that causes the
instrumentation, which is the key to an album
like this even above most Metal albums, to
blend and sound like nothing. It's so bog
standard mostly but has enough issues that I
wish there was a "below average". The
production and repetition really do a
disservice to what would otherwise be mostly
uninspired but solid stuff. If they had
as much fun making this as they probably
expected to, I hope most people like it more
than I did.

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4.0 excellentGoldenGuy444 | November 10th 19

It's so close to being something special. What kills it is the production, it is beyond awful. Clipping bass, loud abrasive mixing, walls of noise, none of this should exist on an orchestral album, yet here we are. Moments sound big and bombastic, just as intended like the first explosion on Point of No Return, but some moments sound limp and awful like At the Ed... I mean Harvester of Souls. The interludes don't help alleviate this disconnected feeling either as the cheesy acting and over indulgence on sound effects make them feel disconnected from everything else on the album. I'm so close to loving it that it hurts everything on the production side seems to be going against it, and I say this as someone who loves orchestral albums. Let it be known though, the writing is as solid as ever.
The No-Interlude version that is available saves many aspects of this album.

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4.5 superbpiroga84 | November 13th 19

A truly unique and magnificent album, made me look Blind Guardians' way, after a long long long
time. Consists of-glorious soundtrack-ish compositions,-the voice of epicness itself,-a sound so
pompous, it will make your ears grow flowers, -an atmosphere so vivid, you will never forget.
Album of the year.

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0.0 OllieS | November 11th 19

Loads of terrible opinions on this so far from people who seem to have a pretty narrow view of what a band they like should produce. I will write a full review later.

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2.0 poorInFlamesWeThrash666 | November 8th 19

The compositions aren't all that interesting for a purely symphonic album and it lacks the catchy
Guardian choruses so yeah...This easily their worst album to date

Bring back the metalz plz

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4.5 superbdavezillaMP3 | June 12th 20

pretty strong chance this is your local theater kid's album of the year for 2019r


2.0 poorNokturrnus | April 12th 20

I don't know why, but somehow I just find this album boring. I understand, that it's supposed to be an orchestral record, but I still miss the metal elements.


2.5 averageMitch | November 24th 19

I kept waiting for something to blow me away, but it never happened. There isn't anything bad on here, but there isn't anything noteworthy either. It really does feel like a collection of tracks meant to be squeezed in between normal Blind Guardian songs.


1.5 very poorRik VII (sound-off ratings out of 10) | November 15th 19

You can get away with awkward interludes if the music is emotional enough to sell the atmosphere, as happened on Nightfall. There is nothing to back them up this time. The melodies are disastrously unevocative, the arrangements are uninspired, the vocals the least motivated they've ever sounded. It's hard to even feel anything when listening to this. The bottom line being, there's nothing that makes this album worth listening to except for the novelty, and even that's a sham: It's not a symphony. It's a symphonic metal album without the metal. - 3.0


3.0 goodChaoticVortex | November 14th 19

By all accounts this should be a masterpiece but the compositions while certianly epic they are also not very memorable, and the production is borderline abysmal. Blind Guardian has enough sonwriting experience and professionalism to make this decent but what instead of the big bang they intended this album, it just comes of as a whimper.


2.5 averageIppocalyptica | August 8th 20
1.0 awfulZaleb | July 18th 20
2.5 averageTib | June 23rd 20
1.5 very poorArlan89 | May 29th 20
2.5 averageFrancescoScarselli99 | May 23rd 20
4.5 superbDreamflight | May 10th 20
2.5 averageCoreLeone85 | March 26th 20
3.0 goodmcauleyadam100 | February 27th 20
3.0 goodRelinquish | February 23rd 20
4.0 excellentAssemblage | February 14th 20
3.0 goodDamageDone | February 6th 20
2.5 averageBandit1786 | February 4th 20
2.0 poorBoivin | January 30th 20
2.5 averagemEyck07 | December 9th 19
2.5 averagekouichi | December 6th 19
4.0 excellenttheworld | December 1st 19
4.0 excellentConfessed2005 | November 29th 19
2.0 poorigi78 | November 28th 19
2.0 poormindleviticus | November 21st 19
3.5 greatSnowdog808 | November 19th 19
3.0 goodGbhill | November 16th 19
1.5 very poorBerryGarlicia | November 16th 19
5.0 classicrodschi | November 16th 19
4.0 excellentBlueFresh | November 15th 19
3.0 gooddcube | November 14th 19
2.5 averagejudasgoat | November 11th 19
3.0 goodgenericlistener | November 11th 19
2.0 poorterriblekonrad | November 11th 19
2.0 poorElynna | November 10th 19
1.5 very poorMeatWolf | November 10th 19
3.0 goodariich | November 9th 19
3.0 goodSpicyPikachu1 | November 9th 19
4.0 excellentMikeAkerfeldt89 | November 8th 19
2.0 poorKorgull | November 8th 19
1.5 very poorbigguytoo9 | November 8th 19
4.0 excellentBulgaro | November 8th 19
3.0 goodHarmonizedDeath | November 8th 19
3.0 goodCthulhuFhtagn | November 8th 19

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