Cold   The Things We Can't Stop
Release Date: 2019

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5.0 classicthirteenth | September 18th 19

I still can't pick the right words to describe this album, but after a while, I thought,
hey, maybe it doesn't need any. Maybe it'll be better off without any tagging or marking
or whatever. The music says it all, and it says way more than words.

I've been listening to The Things We Can't Stop ever since its release, and I simply
can't get enough of it.

Truth be told the first listen left me somewhat disillusioned and nostalgic for the good
old days of 13WTBOS and the dark and wicked Cold most of us if not all, love so much.
Then I tried to put myself in Scooter's shoes and asked myself if I would be singing or
playing the same stuff 20 years on, and I hesitated. I thought this is a mature album and
I should take it accordingly...

Then, a week passed, and some witchy things started to happen. The album was growing on
me immensely. It just resonated with me so deeply that getting goosebumps anytime the
soaring chorus from Scooter comes in, has become a daily Cold therapy. The new album
combines the old and the new so perfectly that it's already become one of my favorites.
TTWCS has a very unique, I dare say uplifting mood. I tried to pick the favorite songs on
the album and having counted to 10 or 11, I figured it's the whole damn album. I'm still
digging Systems Fail though, but it's a question of time.

Thank you, Cold,

It's absolutely amazing.

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5.0 classichighonhatred47 | September 24th 19

I had never heard of Cold before listening to this album. It was in my recommendations and I thought I would give it a shot, which might have been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. This album spoke to me on a level I had only alluded to in my personal life. Listening to it assured that my opinions on topics contained in the tracklist and in the lyrics were justified and my hopes for humanity and opinions on society were similar to others. Certain tracks, such as Better Human, have this emotional quality to them that can cause even the worst of people to rethink their outlook on life. The cover of Snow Patrol's Run is melodic and intriguing in its delivery. Shine is a perfect example of storytelling in a song done right. Other songs like Quiet Now (my personal favorite) or Snowblind have an resonance to them that is lost in the modern age of music with almost zero meaning. Overall, I'm happy that I listened to this album and it is definitely one of the best albums I have listened to this year.


4.0 excellentDromasta | July 2nd 20
3.0 goodsfoat9 | July 2nd 20
4.0 excellentShadowNeko | June 18th 20
3.0 goodWesternRex | May 28th 20
3.5 greatxxm | May 19th 20
3.5 greatRobert048 | May 11th 20
4.0 excellentsin69 | April 15th 20
3.5 greatwickedcoldclown | April 5th 20
4.0 excellentgregsanz182 | January 7th 20
2.5 averageTim00w | December 20th 19
2.0 poorDave S. M. | October 25th 19
4.0 excellentCarlosAG | October 19th 19
3.0 goodbloodshy :) | October 13th 19
4.0 excellentTrailmix | October 2nd 19
2.5 averageACVPV | September 29th 19
3.0 goodsuppatime | September 26th 19
3.5 greatKewpie | September 24th 19
3.5 greatRoderickINM | September 24th 19
3.0 goodhexfix93 | September 23rd 19
4.0 excellentKingStandup | September 16th 19
3.5 greatDmax28 | September 16th 19
3.0 goodDdblade | September 15th 19
2.0 poorDoofDoof | September 15th 19
3.0 goodhobblepot | September 13th 19
2.0 poorWilliam21 | September 13th 19
5.0 classiccarrioner | September 12th 19

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