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0.0 chilledpunkrock | August 16th 19

King Gizzard made a better thrash metal album than almost any of the thrash revival bands of the past decade. What a weird time.

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0.0 Casavir | August 25th 19

The fact that people put this in the upper echelon of modern thrash metal albums shows
how little they know about this genre. Just an abysmally lazy album from start to

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0.0 mikey from wasted space (she/they) | August 16th 19

instant 5. Superbug is a fantastic sludge metal song. Mars for the Rich shows conscientious songwriting and truly sick riffage. The rest of the album is fairly standard but nonetheless badass thrash, incorporating labrynthine time signatures and monolithic riffs (Perihelion, anyone?). The microtonal lick on Venusian 1 really gets me, personally. The bass on this album? HOO BOY. The drums?!?! I think this might be AOTY contender for me. I'm gonna swing back and review this one in full. But goddamn.

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0.0 FirstStrikeIsDeadly | February 16th 20

The fact that people put this in the upper echelon of modern thrash metal albums shows how little most newer thrash metal bands bring to the table.

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0.0 Ganoncannon | November 28th 19

I didn't think King Gizzard doing thrash metal would be one of my favourite albums of the year, but here we are

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0.0 OldCrime | August 23rd 19

Fun homage to old school heavy metal that shouldn't alienate their fan base or present anything groundbreaking to seasoned metalheads.

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0.0 InFiction | August 17th 19

Honestly this just might be the sickest thing I've heard all year

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0.0 Doublez38 | December 11th 19

Infest The Rats' Nest is a diabolically electrifying and amusing album that shows again and again the talent of the group that will have worked for the psychedelic current of this decade, without ever taking a wrinkle and without ever losing its interest. Personally it's not my favorite album, but I understand that it could be someone else's.


0.0 cjbizzlebizzle | November 14th 19

On one hand its a pretty good thrashy stoner metal album and on the other hand it just sounds like someone trying frustratingly hard to emulate the classics of metal. Sure there are good riffs, and great ones here and there but the whole experience feels like you took a Gizzard album and pasted the most generic thrash songwriting and production over it. This effect comes off the worst with the vocals. It sounds like he is stuck between the psych rock world and a really lame thrash vocalist and comes off as lack of effort. The vocals are 100% forgettable and its a shame because some of the songwriting and lyrics are actually quite good. A cool experiment for King Gizzard but they are better off with the bananas and Balrogs, it seems.


0.0 zaruyache | August 16th 19

this is like a psyche-rock band being told how to play thrash metal... in 1977.


0.0 Mitch | August 16th 19

This is the album I've been waiting for them to make since the release of Nonagon Infinity.


0.0 buttgrinder | August 16th 19

A fun yet fairly basic attempt at thrash. Cool.


0.0 gilneto8 | August 16th 19

when the remaining songs are on point compared to the rsingles, when everything just comes together as it rshould... this is gonna be playing for a while.


0.0 Slothy Seconds | August 15th 19

There is no planet Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaahhhh


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