Sothis   De Oppresso Liber
Release Date: 2008

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0.0 zaruyache | January 30th 10

This sounds like a combination of Naglfar, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. But not in a "we're influenced by many artists!" kind of way, but more of a "How many bands can we possibly rip off?" way.


1.0 awfulBallsToTheWall | January 9th 09

Norwegian, symphonic black metal in the vein of Emperor. The catch? They're from California, and they play cookie cutter purple metal. Copy pasta what made Emperor so great and streamline it to the point of it being sponsored by hot topic. Seriously? Hot Topic endorsed black metal? Yeah, sad to say. What's so good about this? nothing, they are a bunch of old, ugly fat dudes and girl who play the most generic, uncreative music alive. There are no redeeming aspects and no real reason to check this out if you havent heard Emperor already Record sucks and it's a real shame this band was picked up by Candlelight. For pre-teens who love Twilight but want something a little more brootal, that skinny stoner guy sporting a Cradle Of Filth t-shirt at your mall, and people who enjoy bad music.


4.5 superbFaceless_AtJ | January 9th 09

This is simple: Sothis are extremely good at what they do. Their symphonic sounds bears earmarks to certain cruel icons, like Dorgoth's vocals who have a hint of Dani Filth in them, gothic hottie (yes they have a chick in the band, she plays keyboard) Asperia's keyboards, meshed with the guitar and bass interface of Nylock and Scathe, summon the carnival swirl of Dimmu Borgir. This album will make you bow in respect of what these guys had to do to produce THE Black Metal album of the year and as well be reigned as Black Metal demi-gods. Especially since the keyboards make it more enjoyable and soothing to listen to instead of making your ears bleed from the outside in because you decided to roll through a 1349 album. Aside from gags, these guys deserve respect and their tracklisting is more than impressive.


3.5 greatDropdeadWHA | September 1st 12
1.0 awfulAntiquity | August 6th 10
2.0 poorpride | November 23rd 09
2.5 averageBaphomet | October 20th 09
4.0 excellentburnedcorpse | June 30th 09

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