Twilight Force   Dawn of the Dragonstar
Release Date: 2019

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5.0 classicDmax28 | August 16th 19

Loving this. Sure you lose a little bit of the high
range from the first singer, but I'm liking the
richer and more confident tone of Conti. This album
is in no way a retread. I grew to appreciate the mix
on Heroes of Mighty Magic but it still always felt
like it held it back a bit. On this album they
managed to maintain the amazing amount of
orchestrations but not sacrifice any of the other
parts. In fact, I think this production is a
terrific example of how these parts can all be
blended to not sacrifice anything. I would certainly
say a valid criticism is that they have some
cornerstones of their composing that are somewhat
repeated in each song, but with further listens each
song brings something unique to the table. This time
there are songs set in the desert, green valleys,
festivals, the ocean, space, winter, and even one
with strong Asian influence; and all these different
settings manage to be conveyed confidently. Stand
out moments include the banger that is Thundersword,
Long Live the King's sheer joy, the beautiful
celebration that is the Winds of Wisdom instrumental
section, and the extended face melting shred in the
epic 12 minute closer. The guitar leads from Lynd
are especially unbelievable and fresh and it's worth
checking out for that alone. It sounds like the
magic beam of a wizard's staff put into musical
form. All in all this is sort of a love it or hate
it thing but if it's something you are into, here it
is. Twilight Force's first two albums do provide
their own flavor, but Dawn of Dragonstar is Twilight
Force at their most fully realized.

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5.0 classicMitch | August 18th 19

The energy, power, and cohesion brought forth on this album is something 2019 has been sorely
lacking. Everyone on the record is putting in 110%, and the orchestral arrangements flow perfectly
on every track. Every song is delightfully catchy and cheesy, and the title track may be my song
of the year.

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1.0 awfulDoofy | September 8th 19

Go paint a miniature orc


5.0 classicNeon1191 | September 6th 19

Fans of Twilight Force will be relieved to hear that despite the change of singer, no quality has been lost from this band. Alessandro is an accomplished and respected vocalist who fits perfectly into this exquisitely orchestrated album.

I have not heard many power metal songs that are as strong as this albums title track, "Dawn of the Dragonstar", and it stands as an incredible introduction of Alessandro to the Twilight Kingdom.

The second track, "Thundersword" is equal in it's quality and contains some amusing instrumental interludes featuring what sounds like fiddle and banjo or something similar.

Track after track this album delivers. Most albums will have a black mark, but I can't find one here. Even the controversial Hanna Turi version of "The Power of The Ancient Force" sits right with me, and is an interesting take on a legendary song.

Fans of Rhapsody and Luca rejoice! The third age of Twilight has come!


5.0 classicNeon1191 | September 6th 19

Amazing album despite a change of singer. My favourite of 2019.


3.5 greatDummit | August 21st 19

Seriously needs less of that chime shit they do on the keyboard every transition on every song on every album, otherwise, it's great.


3.5 greatItsOnlySkinDeep | August 17th 19

I could open up a dang store with all this cheese! At least it would be good cheese.


3.5 greatNazzadan | August 16th 19

The mix has been greatly improved over Heroes of Mighty Magic and there's plenty of catchy/cheesy songs, but the vocals are such a letdown. I don't think I'll ever reach for any songs off this when the debut and the stronger songs on HoMM exist when I'm in the mood for Twilight Force.


4.5 superbMikeAkerfeldt89 | August 16th 19

Very satisfied with the whole listen. The first single wasn't the best thing, but I changed my mind after the album experience, sounds great together


5.0 classicrocinante | September 4th 19
3.0 goodrandom lol | September 4th 19
4.5 superbhernan91 | September 3rd 19
3.5 greatElynna | September 3rd 19
3.0 goodterriblekonrad | August 22nd 19
4.0 excellentPoet | August 22nd 19
2.5 averageAgonba | August 19th 19
3.5 greatSnowdog808 | August 19th 19
3.5 greatstubblesmcgee | August 19th 19
3.5 greatPanzerchrist | August 18th 19
3.5 greatTristan Matheny | August 18th 19
3.0 goodfrozencarl | August 17th 19
3.0 goodKlingel0905 | August 16th 19
4.5 superb05McDonaldT | August 16th 19
5.0 classiczzf1918 | August 16th 19

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