Mellow Gang   Adjourn
Release Date: 2019

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4.0 excellentBedex | May 7th 20

On the EP they felt like a cool opening act; here they feel like the main band. They progressed by a mile and that is really nice to see. The songs are rich, dynamic and varied, and the record is full of colour. This is clear from the opener right away with its superb vox and layering. The rhythm section is also on point with a lot of fun drumming and tasty bass. I enjoyed the synths on 3 a lot. 5 shakes things up with male voices a little, and while I do slightly prefer the female vox this is a nice change and shows they thought about this well. The track conclusion is dope too. 7 is super chill and I generally like their guitar tones a lot. The closer shows lovely guitar tones too, and inbetween 8 offers short interlude that changes up the atmosphere again with its dark undertones. The good album conclusion bumps this the half point it needed to be a 4.0


4.5 superbAmerica's Favorite Hemophobe! ♦ | August 21st 20
3.5 greatMichael C. Davis | May 13th 20
3.5 greatKrelkin | May 7th 20
2.5 averageHaelaeif | March 6th 20
4.5 superbFaraudo | January 14th 20
3.0 goodDivaman | November 27th 19
3.2 goodTrey STAFF | November 25th 19
3.0 goodfog CONTRIBUTOR | October 23rd 19
3.0 goodPunchforPunch | October 23rd 19
3.5 greatSunnyvale STAFF | October 22nd 19
3.0 goodRadioSuicide | October 20th 19
2.5 averagedoofy | October 20th 19
2.0 poornightbringer (all ratings are 4 or 2) | October 20th 19
3.0 goodthe dubstep genre has become somewhat generic, leading to the mind numbing homogenisation of the subgenre for the past decade. It seemed like dubstep was losing its edge. Then came Vylet Pony. STAFF | September 23rd 19
4.0 excellentbr4dl3yb34r | July 31st 19
4.0 excellentjesper STAFF | July 10th 19
3.5 greatMitch Worden EMERITUS | June 12th 19
4.0 excellentTrifolium | May 10th 19
4.0 excellentboobie boodgie | May 10th 19

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