Blood Youth   Starve
Release Date: 2019

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4.5 superbcloakanddagger | March 5th 19

Kicks the ass of pretty much every other nu metalcore band out there, mainly because unlike
the other bands under that umbrella, these guys actually have some musical talent. The
vocalist also has some awesome pipes, and his vocals remind me a lot of Cory from Norma Jean

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4.0 excellentAmbushReality | February 22nd 19

MUCH heavier on the nu-metal influence that bled through a bit on the debut, but they execute it pretty well. They went heavier across the board here. That snare sounds like a mad man beating on a massive empty oil tank and the bass slaps harder than a couple of divorcing cousins in a rural Alabama trailer park. Lots of fun shit here. One of the only records in the recent nu-metalcore wave that I actually enjoy, this kicks about as hard as My Ticket Home's Strangers Only. Listen and prepare ur anus.

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3.6 greatVoivod STAFF | March 14th 19

Most traditional metalheads regard nu-metal and the affiliated genres as an addition of no avail to the fold. There are times though, where elaborate arrangements and melody and traditional styles, simply cannot satisfy the momentary need for primal groove to flow through the speakers and just jostle you away with its raw energy. As a whole, Blood Youth's sophomore album succeeds big in that respect, even though almost no cut stands off the lot.


4.5 superbazagthoth666 | March 8th 19

Damn. That kicks some ass. It's not a sweet metalcore Candy, it's kicking you in the face.. hard..


3.0 goodNine | March 7th 19

Well, that's probably one of the most unsettling endings to an album I've heard yet.


4.0 excellentFatbagofcrack | March 7th 19

Great for fans who are digging the revival of nu metal. Some of the choruses are a bit hit or miss, but the production and performances are pretty spot on even if they album runs a little longer than it should. Cut Me Open and Spineless are stand outs.


4.5 superbZelot23 | March 5th 19

Incredible how these guys managed to switch their sound as dramatically as they have improved it


3.5 greatMattallica | March 21st 19
3.5 greatMindStatic | March 20th 19
3.5 greath e l l | March 17th 19
3.5 greatMrTonytheGamer | March 12th 19
4.0 excellentdnem | March 10th 19
3.5 greatButtBoy | March 10th 19
2.0 poorAdoreSwancore | March 9th 19
2.5 averageMarsKid CONTRIBUTOR | March 7th 19
4.0 excellent05insomnium | March 6th 19
4.0 excellentPalmDreams | March 3rd 19
5.0 classicBillClinton | March 3rd 19
4.5 superbtruewill | March 2nd 19
4.0 excellentleon486 | March 1st 19
3.0 goodDmax28 | February 28th 19
3.5 greatAcole9 | February 28th 19
4.0 excellentTranqyl | February 27th 19
3.5 greatHarmonizedDeath | February 27th 19
5.0 classicHulk42959 | February 27th 19
4.0 excellentcharlie15 | February 26th 19
4.5 superbsandersd | February 26th 19
4.0 excellentJesperL | February 23rd 19
4.5 superbNinjahague | February 20th 19

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