Hannes Grossmann   Apophenia
Release Date: 2019

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4.0 excellentRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | March 12th 19

It's like a less frenzied version of last year's impeccable "Liquid Anatomy" album, but with just as much of a "there's a party going on in my ears" impression.rI mean, it rules.

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3.5 greatcjbizzlebizzle | May 8th 19

Whenever Hannes Grossman is involved in a project, it is worth checking out. On Apophenia Hannes Grossman once again pulls influence from his past projects to create a proggy, sciencey blend of Technical Death Metal. The musicianship here is fantastic. It is no secret Hannes is one of the best drummers on the scene and this release further showcases that. He also gets the best out of his guest musicians with Loomis, Friendman and Muenzner writing flashy solos that fit right into Hannes' style of death metal. The music is technical and complex without being wankery and Grossmans' solo project continues to provide dynamic riffs in a variety of tempos giving the album an enjoyable flow. The first five tracks overshadow the ending three but in the end this release should provide replay-ability for anyone who enjoys the Obscura realm of TDM as it seems like every listen opens up more nuance from each and every instrument.


4.5 superbMetalicsound | March 20th 19

Sick voice, beautiful drumming, piece of art ! Hope they can do even better on the next Alkaloid.


4.0 excellentGotDoritos | March 19th 19

Knocking 0.5 for the truly strange and awful album art. Great album musically as expected. 3.8/5


0.0 Panzerchrist | March 15th 19

Every time I think about listening to this album I'm reminded of how trash the album art is and I decide to listen to something else


4.0 excellentFernando Alves CONTRIBUTOR | March 13th 19

More melodic and direct than its predecessor, Apophenia is the accomplished result of a musician who seeks to simplify his creative process without losing neither his identity nor his strong technical component.


3.5 greatWretchedCacophony | March 13th 19

I liked the album cover a lot more before I saw a close up :IrThis is decent. I think I liked the previous album more


1.5 very poorBlazinBlitzer | March 13th 19

"Apophenia" or "I made a solo album just to get a top spot on Blazin's drumming
list...again". EDIT: Or "I made the most boring album ever" will work, too.


3.5 greatHaelaeif | May 25th 20
4.0 excellentConfessed2005 | December 27th 19
3.0 goodAgonba | November 11th 19
3.0 goodZero13 | July 7th 19
3.5 greatDaesu | June 4th 19
3.5 greatDave S. M. | May 25th 19
3.5 greathadriel | May 18th 19
2.5 averageMathyNoodles | March 21st 19
3.5 greatianjulian | March 20th 19
3.5 greatMitchell D. W. CONTRIBUTOR | March 20th 19
3.0 goodmikep87 | March 19th 19
4.5 superbwulolu | March 17th 19
4.0 excellentBranden William Byrd | March 15th 19
3.5 greatMitch S. | March 15th 19
4.0 excellentbr4dl3yb34r | March 14th 19
3.5 greatHarmonizedDeath | March 13th 19
3.0 goodRustCohle | March 13th 19
4.0 excellentgnimas | March 13th 19
4.0 excellentem17ah | March 13th 19
4.0 excellentslayerofthegods | March 11th 19
3.5 greatRobert Garland CONTRIBUTOR | March 11th 19
3.5 greatDmax28 | March 10th 19

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