Totaled   Lament
Release Date: 2019

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3.5 greatzaruyache | May 3rd 19

Black metal / crust punk. It's about as crunchy as you'd expect a modern osdm-throwback band to be, which makes the blast-beat-loaded album much more aggressive and loud than you probably would have expected from a black/crust record. It also feels very death metal-y, with mostly only the vocals pushing it more into black metal than death. The biggest fault I can think of for "Lament" is the lack of punk-oriented structuring, in that all the songs are over 4 minutes, which is a bit long for anything crust punk-related and leads to many of these tracks feeling a lot longer than they need to be. If these songs were shorter but more numerous, I think this would've been a much more solid record.


3.5 greatchilledpunkrock | March 31st 19

Not the most original band by any means, but it's ferocious as hell and some of the songwriting is actually pretty impressive. Most of the tracks are very well structured so as to not just be a flurry of tremolo guitars and blast beats/d-beats. To me, more than anything, they sound like a version of Black Breath that has a strong black metal influence rather than a strong death metal one.


3.5 greatQuattro Bajeena CONTRIBUTOR | August 16th 19
3.5 greatLfra | July 14th 19
4.0 excellentthutho28 | July 2nd 19
3.0 goodrobotore | May 25th 19
3.0 goodFrank - the rater of 3.5 | May 15th 19
3.5 greatnaughtcturnal | May 9th 19
3.5 greatWizard | May 8th 19
3.0 goodJacquibim STAFF | May 8th 19
3.5 greatCoast | May 3rd 19
2.5 averageosteporosis | April 20th 19
4.0 excellentgnimas | April 10th 19
4.0 excellentRustCohle | April 4th 19
3.5 greatformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | April 4th 19
3.5 greatThy Supreme Vomit Kommander, Nicholas von Nuclearpiss | April 2nd 19
2.0 poorCaptainDooRight | April 1st 19
2.5 averageSpluger | March 30th 19
3.5 greatJLR2DEG | March 29th 19

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