Hermodr   Forest Sky
Release Date: 2019

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3.0 goodcjbizzlebizzle | February 13th 19

Depressive, down tempo and repetitive black metal that conjures up atmospheres portrayed by the album art and the title of the album itself, Forest Sky. The best thing this album has going for it is the unrelenting and methodical, yet slow, pace that truly feels like you are taking a walk down a trail for the entire album. The atmosphere is cold and melancholy hinting at depressive but for whatever reason it feels like there is reason to continue and it is never sorrow or truly sad. The production is very distorted and lofi reminiscent of 90s BM. The downside of Forest Sky is the vocals and track blending. The vocals are incredibly distorted and repetitive and feel entirely secondary to the experience, it is easy to focus on the instruments and forget what the vocalist contributes. The individual tracks really don't distinguish themselves and the 54 minutes feels pretty long because of that.


3.5 greatzaruyache | January 18th 19

Take the depressive black metal of Woods of Desolation and smash it into the calm melodicism of Agalloch. Distorted vox a la early WoD, slow melodic work that reminds much of Agalloch and early Of Solitude and Solemn. It's black metal without all the energy or up-tempo riffing, with melodic Agallochian leads its main focus. Basically if you want something calming, yet still vaguely head-bangable and in the same universe as traditional black metal.


4.0 excellentPikazilla | November 14th 19
3.0 goodVoiceOfTheSoul23 | October 31st 19
3.0 goodMacck | July 17th 19
3.5 greatIppocalyptica | July 4th 19
2.5 averagebornthetravestyofman | May 14th 19
3.0 goodMcP3000 | May 9th 19
1.0 awfullauroericksen1488 | May 2nd 19
4.0 excellentchurchburner | April 22nd 19
3.5 greatGameofmetal EMERITUS | March 21st 19
3.0 goodrobotore | March 7th 19
3.0 goodCaptainDooRight | March 5th 19
3.0 goodRodrigo Romo | March 5th 19
3.0 goodAeternal | February 3rd 19
3.5 greatRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | February 2nd 19
3.5 greatQuattro Bajeena CONTRIBUTOR | January 31st 19
3.5 greatDisorderly | January 29th 19
3.0 goodCGayda | January 27th 19
4.0 excellentMetalSoliloquy | January 19th 19
4.0 excellentNazzadan | January 17th 19

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