Crystal Lake   Helix
Release Date: 2018

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4.5 superbUzumaki | December 3rd 18

OK, this is probably their most consistent work yet; everything flows well together and nothing feels disjointed. This is a banger and a half.

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4.5 superbShadowNeko | November 29th 18

This album is their greatest work yet. It's
powerful, creative, and it takes risks while
staying successfully solid.

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1.0 awfulMarsKid | December 9th 18

I guess I have to be on the opposite side of the fence here. The only good parts feel like soulless copies of countless other metalcore bands. Everything else is trampled by nu-metal influence and completely terrible rap segments. Don't see much value here at all.


2.0 poorDaedus | December 6th 18

Never have I heard an album that better earns the descriptor of "mixed-bag". From the bog-standard rnu-metalcore of 'Apollo', surprisingly good tracks like 'AEON', to utter trash like 'Just rConfusing', Helix bounces from song to song like a grade-schooler off his Adderall. The result is ra directionless, baffling slurry that fails to integrate its ingredients in any meaningful way. No ramount of energy or intensity can overcome a complete lack of form. Soilwork's kid brother needs rhis meds.


2.0 poorMalConstant | December 13th 18
4.5 superbSteakByrnes | December 11th 18
3.5 greatiamSeraph | December 11th 18
2.0 poorT5Cx | December 11th 18
3.0 goodNorwichScene | December 6th 18
4.0 excellentjustajammin | December 5th 18
4.5 superbRealityBoost | December 5th 18
3.0 goodjusplathemus | December 4th 18
3.5 greath e l l | December 4th 18
5.0 classicwhitefilipino | December 3rd 18
1.0 awfulitsallgood05 | December 1st 18
4.0 excellentDirEnMotionless | December 1st 18
5.0 classicTristan Matheny | November 29th 18
4.0 excellentDavidPrincipe29 | November 29th 18
4.0 excellentSpicyPikachu1 | November 29th 18
4.0 excellentBleedIntoTheAbyss | November 29th 18

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