Arch Enemy   Covered In Blood
Release Date: 2019

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2.0 poorzaruyache | January 20th 19

they recruit a vocalist known for her clean singing, then never let her do cleans even on tracks that really very much better fit them than standard death metal growls (see: the Judas Priest cover). There's an unnecessary seriousness to these tracks that robs them of the spirit of being covers--that they're supposed to represent another band having *fun* reinterpreting tracks from other bands they enjoy. But in typical Arch Enemy fashion everything is overproduced to the point of being emotionally sterile, even the hardcore punk songs feel lifeless. Despite that, the guitars also sound very bad. The riffing doesn't sound very crisp, which drastically hinders the punk covers. I don't get why this exists.

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2.0 poorRobert Garland CONTRIBUTOR | February 4th 19

band disputes intellectual copyright, releases an album full of other band?s songs... These guys should stick to stealing photographs.

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2.0 poorRobbit | May 2nd 19

I approach every tribute album with lowered expectations, as few even come anywhere close to matching the original songs. I've also never been a fan of Death Metal vocalists of any kind, so I knew beforehand this was going to be a challenging listen. This album almost seems promising when you look at the track listing, which includes songs from Priest, Manowar, Megadeth, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Kiss and even Tears For Fears. But the band just consistently annihilates each song into a horrid mess of overblown guitars and tuneless vocals. I'm definitely going to need a palate cleanser after this one.


2.0 poorVoivod STAFF | February 4th 19

Abraham Maslow said in 1966, "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.". In this release, Arch Enemy sound like the epitome of hammer-nail dipole at its most inane rendition yet. It's a shame because each and every one of the band's constituents is capable of so much more...


1.5 very poorhadriel | April 2nd 19
2.0 poorsin69 | March 6th 19
2.0 poorMarek | March 5th 19
2.5 averageCris13Sic | February 14th 19
3.5 greatGbhill | February 5th 19
1.5 very poorHenderson | February 3rd 19
1.5 very poorElSomni | January 31st 19
1.5 very poorterriblekonrad | January 29th 19
1.5 very poorColonelWang | January 28th 19
2.5 averageRustCohle | January 26th 19
2.0 poorCthulhuFhtagn | January 23rd 19
1.0 awfulElynna | January 23rd 19
3.0 goodShredgazmo | January 22nd 19
1.5 very poorMyTasteSucks | January 20th 19
3.0 goodMatthias812 | January 18th 19

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