Hollywood Undead   PSALMS
Release Date: 2018

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3.0 goodAmbushReality | November 2nd 18

A handful of B-Sides from *Five*, so not much substance was to be expected. "Bloody Nose" is a pretty solid radio rock song with one of the heaviest bridges the band has put together in a while (shout out to Jorel for bringing back the screams). "Live Fast Die Young" doesn't exactly deliver like the track name may suggest, resulting in a smooth pop song reminiscent of "Ghost Beach" from *Five*. J-Dog's verse here sounds choppy, lacks flow and seems out of place in general, though Danny keeps the track afloat with an impressive clean vocal performance. "Something to Believe" pulls the EP back in the right direction with the release's best lyricism, but "Another Level," likely the worst track in the band's discography, sticks out like a sore thumb. Its a shame they wasted one of J3T's best verses on this abomination of a song, but such is Hollywood Undead. "Gotta Let Go" wraps this thing up in the vein of fan-favorite "Bullet," but the twinkling acoustic number does not capture the magic that the *American Tragedy* hit shines with. Ultimately, *Psalms* is inconsistent but has its moments, and for a slate of B-Sides its definitely worth a spin for Hollywood Undead fans waiting for album six. But for those who do not follow the band, you'll likely find nothing of value here apart from the Sirius Octane-ready "Bloody Nose."

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2.0 poorMason Pearmain | November 10th 18

of course, these guys are still around...


4.5 superbkappakappa | February 17th 19
1.0 awfulrebb | February 3rd 19
2.5 averagethesickness | February 3rd 19
2.5 averagehypocriticalcat | January 29th 19
2.0 poorScreamoGaze | January 16th 19
2.5 averagesin69 | January 11th 19
1.5 very poorJohnnyoftheWell | January 2nd 19
1.5 very poorThy Supreme Vomit Kommando, Nicholas von Nuclearpiss | December 30th 18
1.0 awfulbach | December 30th 18
2.0 poorProPrayer | December 28th 18
1.0 awfulSlex | December 27th 18
1.5 very poorklocu4 | December 27th 18
2.0 poorMcGuire95 | December 21st 18
2.5 averageKalthoreil | December 8th 18
3.0 goodd3vianc3 | November 14th 18
3.0 goodinherentkev | November 10th 18
2.0 poormattymetbril | November 9th 18
1.0 awfulElynna | November 8th 18
2.0 poorEvoHavok | November 7th 18
2.0 poorMrBonzaai | November 7th 18
5.0 classicUnfortunateDestiny | November 5th 18
1.5 very poorMrNoob | November 4th 18
2.0 poorSp00kyGr00ves | November 4th 18
2.0 poorTranqyl | November 3rd 18
3.5 greatxtrole | November 3rd 18
2.0 poorglorybox94 | November 2nd 18
2.0 poorterriblekonrad | November 2nd 18
4.0 excellentAenima97 | November 2nd 18
3.5 greatDORBUSCUS | November 1st 18

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