cupcakKe   Eden
Release Date: 2018

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3.5 greatalamo | November 10th 18

bitch I got so many bars that azealia banks call me when she needs soap

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3.5 greatcjbizzlebizzle | December 18th 18

A step forward for Cupcakke in terms of tight production and being succinct but a step backwards when it comes to hooks and the flow of an album as a whole when compared to Ephorize. This comparison is fair as Eden feels like an extension and a slight evolution from the style Cupcakke displayed in her first 2018 release; it is fresh enough where it doesn't feel like B-sides. The best thing about Eden is there is probably a 1:1 ratio of serious rap tracks to the playful, intensly sexual rap CupcakKe is known for. Quiz and Blackjack are the best tracks here showing off Cupcakkes ferocious flows and both don't rely on sexual rap to allow Cupcakke to show off her skills. The downside to Eden is a lot of the hooks (ex. 'Prenup', 'Typo', 'Don't Post Me' and the worst of all 'Starbucks') are 100% mailed in and don't compare to the infectious hooks she produced for Ephorize. The other thing is Cupcakke continues to make some questionable decisions with lyrics. She closes the album with a wholesome track 'A.U.T.I.S.M' just a few tracks after dissing someone as being 'fucking retarded'... bleh. PetSmart, Dangled, Quiz and Blackjack rule and for the most part Cupcakke once again shows she can flat out rap with ease.

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3.5 greatiGuter | February 16th 19
3.0 goodcheapcrayon | February 8th 19
3.5 greatTheManMachine | December 19th 18
3.0 goodDan Foster | December 18th 18
3.5 greatbrandontaylor | December 8th 18
4.0 excellentpitchforkrates | November 30th 18
3.0 goodmattymetbril | November 13th 18
3.0 goodbharry | November 11th 18
3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | November 10th 18
1.0 awfulAfterTheSensesEscape | November 10th 18
1.0 awfulPhilthereaper | November 10th 18
3.5 greatlaughingman22 | November 10th 18
3.0 goodjtswope | November 9th 18
4.0 excellentLee Whear | November 9th 18

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