Kriegsmaschine   Apocalypticists
Release Date: 2018

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3.2 goodVoivod STAFF | October 22nd 18

Kriegsmaschine's black metal dissonance, although solid overall, goes through the motions in terms of intensity manifested either from the arrangements themselves or the production. The former could be more diverse, as Kriegsmaschine essentially adopt pretty much same hypnotic tempo throughout the album, ergo making it difficult for the listener to distinct one song from the other. As for the sound work, it feels like someone forgot to turn on the volume not only for the busy rhythm section (the most notable flop), but for the entire recording. On another note, while mitigating the risk of not being adequately atmospheric, sound texture lacks the edge and "menace" that someone seasoned in dissonant black metal would expect. Stream:

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2.5 averagezaruyache | December 27th 18

The drumming's groovy, the guitars have that nice malevolent technical DSO vibe, but the pacing is utterly stagnant. It's all mid-paced black with no changes in tempo and not much in the way of crescendo; "Apocalypticists" is essentially black metal that uses its mathy grooves to create an unsettling atmopshere but then never goes anywhere with it. Sure it's kind of like Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord, but with no changes in dynamics or tempo you know ahead of time how each track will end; essentially the same way it began--and that's just no fun for music like this. While I understand that making the music more dynamic *would* make them look more like just another DSO clone and that keeping to one tempo makes them look more like an artistic inversion of that group (and thus the point of the record), but on "Apocalypticists" the guys from Mgla just don't make that point in a very engaging way.


4.0 excellentramon. CONTRIBUTOR | October 22nd 18

a perfect record to introduce someone to more dissonant strains of black metal afaic. one of the best drum performances on a bm record this year. doesn't try anything new and doesn't really need to. very groovy, very accessible, very very fun fun time yes yes yes YES


4.0 excellentgenericlistener | April 14th 19
4.0 excellentDrKralle | February 28th 19
3.5 greatcaitanya | February 9th 19
3.5 greatalpsi | January 25th 19
3.5 greatCoast | January 8th 19
4.0 excellentPytkaWonsza | January 2nd 19
4.5 superbKingdomOfTyrant | December 31st 18
3.0 goodYUJOS | December 22nd 18
4.0 excellentYankeeDudel | December 17th 18
3.5 greatDer Geist, der stets verneint | December 16th 18
4.0 excellentkx8 | December 11th 18
3.5 greatZoomoo318 | December 9th 18
4.0 excellentBehexen | December 6th 18
2.5 averageosmark86 | November 28th 18
4.0 excellentRowhaus | November 15th 18
3.0 goodsiddhartha | November 9th 18
4.0 excellentRaz0rGrind23 | November 8th 18
4.0 excellentSolipsist | November 4th 18
4.5 superbBasara | November 3rd 18
4.5 superbaeroguy3 | November 3rd 18
2.5 averageEvok | November 2nd 18
4.0 excellentem17ah | November 1st 18
3.0 goodlordworm00 | November 1st 18
2.0 poormetaladdict | October 28th 18
4.0 excellentZombieParty | October 26th 18
4.0 excellentrodrigo339 | October 25th 18
5.0 classicTokareshka | October 24th 18
4.0 excellentTheTransmuted | October 23rd 18
4.0 excellentMitch S. | October 23rd 18
3.5 greatterriblekonrad | October 22nd 18
4.0 excellentAntalWS | October 22nd 18
3.0 goodCthulhuFhtagn | October 21st 18
2.5 averageInFlamesWeThrash666 | October 21st 18

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