Firekites   The Bowery
Release Date: 2008

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4.5 superbcellard00r | May 28th 09

It is not just indie enthusiasts that would eat a quality album like this up, but anyone who can appreciate an artist who invokes so much emotion and degree of care into each and every one of there songs. The variance in both mood and tone can be heard through out the entire album, enough so that no two tracks sound the same causing a wide range of sensations from both happiness to my all time favorite "sadness".

To kick things off "Last Ships" a down-tempo soft and rather immersive song, one might be tempted with the idea to think this might not be one of your typical mellow dramatic bouts from your everyday indie/jazz artist, however, "Autumn Story" does a good job of turning that thought around. "Autumn Story" is an acousticly ochastrated smooth flowing peice that keeps a consistent and rather theatrical sound through out all 3:30 mintues of the entire song. However, the tone is changed once again with the third song "Paris" an instrumental immenating with eloquency. This is where one can get a sort of feel of exactly whats in store for them through out the rest of the album. From just the first three tracks one is presented with a rollercoaster of emotions and variance in atmoshpere.

This might not be the kind of music you'll play full blast on a nice sunny day with your friends in the car, windows down, on your way to the beach, but then again, this particular genre has never been all that great at provoking such enthusiasm anyway. That's not to say don't bring this master piece along with you in your car at all, because on the trip back home from one of those long nights it should be enough to please even the most discerning of ears that happen to be along with you for the ride.


4.0 excellentComj | December 12th 10
3.5 greatgermandeco | November 14th 09
3.0 goodtombits | October 5th 09
4.5 superbxNintendoCorex | May 8th 09
3.5 greatStreetlightRock EMERITUS | February 9th 09
3.5 greatFire Away | August 25th 08

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