The Smashing Pumpkins   Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1
Release Date: 2018

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0.0 SandbitchButthole | September 14th 18

This is actually a concept album about Billy Corgan's bald head.

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0.0 h e l l | September 13th 18

please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck

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0.0 MyNameIsPencil | September 14th 18

What a stupid fucking album title what the hell Billy this better be good or so help me god I?ll find you and give you a wedgie

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2.5 averageStrizzMatik | November 12th 18

It's not TERRIBLE for what it is - Shiny And Oh So Bright,
Vol. 1 is perfectly competent with songwriting and
composition - but really, the fuck is this happy shit? I
get that Corgan's old now and got over shit, but aside from
"Solara" and "Marchin' On" (neither of which rank anywhere
near their best work), most of the record is generic pop-
rock with overblown production (thanks Rick Rubin, you
still suck) and music so saccharine and corny it makes me
retch. Talk about disappointing for James and Jimmy's
return to the fold, neither one gets any real standout
moments, and even Corgan's incendiary leads and riffage are
basically nowhere to be found. Too many major-key pop
ballads in general that don't play to their strengths - I
wanted an angsty, loud, theatric, grimy fuzzy return-to-
form SP record with dope guitars and drums, and I'm pretty
sure everyone else did too... instead we get Zwan 2.0, I
guess, but less good.


2.5 averagemrfixit | November 12th 18

I was hoping for something the more in line with my taste with the addition of James. I thought the last two albums were
very solid and enjoyed them... This one isn't resonating with me all that much unfortunately.


0.0 jayt851 | October 1st 18

The smashing pumpkins today is basically A Billy corgan solo career. The original band members are on their first 3 albums. Billy corgan had some good albums after but it's hard to call them smashing pumpkins albums


3.0 goodRamon777 | November 14th 18
3.0 goodFruityCatOfDoom | November 13th 18
2.5 averageTranqyl | November 13th 18
3.0 goodVeldin | November 12th 18
2.5 averageShadowNeko | November 12th 18
3.0 goodSkabechee | November 12th 18
1.0 awfulmercurylips7 | November 12th 18
2.5 averageterriblekonrad | November 12th 18
3.5 greatBadgerU | November 11th 18
5.0 classicBreakingTheRed | November 6th 18

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