Hands Like Houses   -Anon.
Release Date: 2018

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3.0 goodMax Pigott | August 14th 18

First single was good, second wasn't at all. Cautiously optimistic yet kinda hesitant about this one.

EDIT: this is not a truly bad album by any means, but it lives up to its name. It has no true identity
or consistency, rather relying on a sequence of varyingly successful sounds that play more like a
mixtape or a showreel than a coherent album.

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2.5 averageTheGreatSandman | October 12th 18

This is not a terrible album, but it tends to be generic and forgettable. There are too many styles that HLH try to convey and it seems as though they never fully explore any style to unlock the full potential. When comparing this album to any of HLH's past albums, this is somewhat disappointing.

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2.5 averageAmbushReality | October 12th 18

Yet another step further from their progressive beginnings, this surprisingly comes across like a weird mix of grunge and pop music with a 2018 sheen. Catchy in parts, but bland as all hell in most areas. The colorful guitars and keys are gone, and what's left is a shell of what this band once was.

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2.5 averageGCSSB | October 12th 18

Not a bad album but it's disappointing compared to their other work

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2.0 poorAlphaGoon | October 15th 18

This albums lacks every ounce of passion and creativity that oozed from their first two records and that was at least found here and there on their third record. They've traded in any sort of originality in favor of writing 10 tracks that take lyrics, vocal melodies, riffs and musical motifs that I know I've heard before elsewhere. There was no attempt to write something new and fresh, but rather only an attempt to follow in the footsteps of other bands from the scene (BMTH, WCAR, OM&M) who have traded in the sound that gained them a fanbase in favor of a sound that will gain them mainstream attention. Its worked so far, as I heard a clip of "Monster" during a NFL commerical segue (just like I heard a BMTH song the previous year).

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3.0 goodGreyShadow | October 12th 18

Trenton needs to stop adding the most random, obnoxiously placed screams to nearly all of
these songs. He used to use his range and now he just uses that and it's payoff is
almost always worthless. Other than that and the first 2 singles, this album was pretty
decent. It's missing all of the depth and all of the amazing vocal display of the first
2 albums still, but the songs at least feel a little more interesting and varied this
time. Through Glass was fun and I actually really dug Black. This band is never going
to reach their full potential but this at least shows that they are competent songwriters
without all of what made them special in the first place.

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4.0 excellentzmol | October 11th 18

A good album. A fun album. I might be biased in saying this is good because Hands Like Houses
have been my favourite band for a long time, but this is undoubtedly a serious dip in quality.
Everything on here is catchy and fun. Very diverse songs (if not in song structures) but there is
just no depth here. These guys used to border on being slightly progressive if only in thought and
inspiration, and yet this album (and Dissonants) is nothing more than a fun jam.

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4.0 excellentToondude | October 11th 18

this is a completely different band that released Dissonants and Unimagine, though I'm not gonna lie, this album is fucking FUN.

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3.5 greatHarleysprague | February 24th 19

For me, a slight step down on Dissonants, which itself was a slight step down from unimagine. But this record I think needed a bit of time to settle in. I liked lead single overthinking immediately though, that's an undeniable rbanger. I just hope their lyrical inspiration comes back a bit.rFavourite tracks: Tilt, Overthinking, No Man's Land (don't know why I don't see that one getting more love), Kingdom Come, SickrLeast favourites: Monster, Bad Dream


4.0 excellentAlexTM510 | October 16th 18

Anon is unabashed in embracing it's Alternative Metal ethos. I can't help but get pulled back into those late 90's to mid 2000s Alternative Metal records. Sure it sits a bit generic but the catchiness and fun and surprising diversity of this record makes Anon the thrill-seeking "get in your car and drive" fun it aims to be.


3.0 goodZachery Cotto | October 12th 18

Some tracks on here are pretty great. Others really aren't. Overthinking, Through Glass, Half-hearted, and Sick are some of their best songs in recent memory and are a nice change of pace from their usual sound. The cringe-inducing lyrics on No Man's Land ruin that track, easily. Bad Dream sounds like a bad Seether cover and I never want to hear anything like it again.


0.0 Mason | October 12th 18

Dissonants was better than this. I don't get why that album's so hated in comparison by the reviewers, tracks like Division Symbols own compared to most of this.


2.5 averageLucman | October 11th 18

Dissonants was an awfully bland and lifeless record. This is a step in the right direction and I'd love to hear them tread even further into pop music next go around.


2.0 poorTristan Matheny | June 30th 19
2.5 averageBetelgeuse | June 23rd 19
3.0 goodjawsher | June 10th 19
3.0 goodsiruleus | May 25th 19
3.0 goodcastlesfall | May 18th 19
2.5 averageToad | May 12th 19
4.0 excellentfarmer98 | May 7th 19
2.0 poorSp00kyGr00ves | April 8th 19
2.0 poorMatthias812 | March 14th 19
2.5 averageTheCalebRobinson | February 15th 19
2.0 pooriForgeEons | February 7th 19
3.0 goodInfernoChicken | January 7th 19
4.0 excellentxfortinx | January 6th 19
2.0 poorxpaincakex | January 6th 19
2.0 poorElevon | January 5th 19
2.5 averageiamSeraph | January 3rd 19
2.0 poorKenboSlice | December 24th 18
2.5 averagepeartnoy | December 11th 18
3.5 greatDedicated1 | December 6th 18
3.0 goodjmh886 | November 28th 18
2.5 averageTheSupernatural | November 23rd 18
4.5 superbcmhowerton1998 | November 15th 18
3.0 goodItsTheSquirrel | November 14th 18
2.0 poorellagos | November 12th 18
2.0 poorinherentkev | November 10th 18
3.0 goodMojito | November 9th 18
3.0 goodColdplaz | November 1st 18
3.0 goodmegadedhed | October 31st 18
3.0 goodCoast | October 30th 18
1.5 very poorthistlycorner | October 30th 18
1.5 very poorIceDoesntHelp | October 28th 18
2.5 averageTranqyl | October 26th 18
2.5 averageDanred97 | October 26th 18
3.0 goodAmericnZero02 | October 25th 18
3.0 goodajcollins15 | October 22nd 18
2.0 poorSteakByrnes | October 21st 18
2.5 averageKerimLuca | October 20th 18
2.5 averageLoLifant | October 18th 18
3.0 goodHenderson | October 17th 18
3.5 greatsempiturtle | October 16th 18
3.0 goodmayesaman2 | October 15th 18
4.0 excellentDavidPrincipe29 | October 15th 18
5.0 classicbrodway2 | October 15th 18
1.5 very poorPoxy | October 15th 18
3.5 greatDarkInfernal | October 15th 18
2.5 averageohtheurgency | October 15th 18
1.0 awfulRifleswithak | October 14th 18
3.5 greatphildoo54 | October 14th 18
3.5 greatAnanasins | October 13th 18
2.5 averageNorwichScene | October 13th 18
3.5 greatKrpa | October 13th 18
3.5 greatJakeStallion | October 13th 18
2.0 poorTooLateToGoBack | October 13th 18
3.0 goodJosh | October 12th 18
1.5 very poorkawaii leonard uwu | October 12th 18
3.0 goodAenima97 | October 12th 18
3.5 greatdmp3131 | October 12th 18
2.5 averageGameofmetal EMERITUS | October 12th 18
3.0 goodBleedIntoTheAbyss | October 12th 18
3.5 greatSimGod | October 12th 18
3.0 goodATTA | October 12th 18
2.5 averageRisodo | October 12th 18
3.0 goodNathaniel | October 12th 18
4.0 excellentPG2001 | October 12th 18
3.5 greatariich | October 12th 18
4.5 superbFilipeGomes | October 12th 18
2.5 averagefurpa | October 12th 18
4.0 excellentNbehre11 | October 11th 18
2.0 poorBradleyLayne | October 11th 18
3.0 goodErubalcado | October 11th 18
4.0 excellentbeachdude | September 18th 18
2.0 poorSpicyPikachu1 | September 16th 18

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