Fucked Up   Dose Your Dreams
Release Date: 2018

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3.0 goodbutcherboy CONTRIBUTOR | October 2nd 18

between Damian, Tom Segura, Bert Kreisher and Action Bronson, you gotta wonder what tubby balding white guys are left to drive 18-wheelers loaded on meth? Make America Great Again!

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4.5 superbfurpa | September 23rd 18

Ambitious, experimental, progressive and varied. Past Fucked Up albums have been a little
monotonous to sit through, but even at an hour and 20 minutes there's enough innovation to the
form here for it to be a more rewarding listen than any of their previous, shorter releases.

The final third of this album is WEIRD AS FUCK god damn. Love it.

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4.5 superbComatorium. | October 7th 18

Sprawling, progressive, weird, and trippy as fuck. The main issue I had with Fucked Up was that having high
concept stories shouted at me in the same punk yell for an hour wore thin, and Dose Your Dreams rectifies this
problem by adding 20 minutes more of music and letting their freak flag fly high... and somehow, it works
wonderfully. Saxophone, acid rock, Pink Floyd style guitar passages, hardcore and punk outbursts, shoegaze, a
smattering of guest vocals, disco and techno breaks... Fucked Up throw it all at the wall here and it makes the
albums bloated runtime a non object- you?ll just be excited to see what rabbit they pull out of the hat for the next
track. Highly entertaining, doubly so if you?re high as a kite, if it weren?t for The Armed, this would be the single
weirdest thing to happen to heavy music in 2018.r

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4.5 superbEarthboundHellion37 | October 11th 18

This is surprisingly satisfying. The way FU are able to juggle genres so flawlessly on this album blew me away.


0.0 Xenophanes STAFF | October 8th 18

I want to be able to say that this is Fucked Up?s most impressive and daring album to date, but I just can?t seem to sit through 90-minutes of it.


0.0 BMDrummer | October 2nd 18

fucking missed this band o my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!


0.0 CugnoBrasso | October 2nd 18

shiiiet I had low expectations for this, but after that soundoff that furpa wrote I'm hyped!


4.0 excellentYankeeDudel | October 16th 18
4.0 excellentleon486 | October 15th 18
4.5 superbthebacktops | October 15th 18
4.5 superbtinladen | October 14th 18
2.0 poorbalkansavage | October 13th 18
5.0 classicvladamamad | October 13th 18
5.0 classicBurntUt | October 13th 18
4.0 excellentbobby72 | October 13th 18
4.5 superbitsalargeboat | October 13th 18
4.5 superbaristotleplaysdrums | October 12th 18
4.0 excellentsuppatime | October 11th 18
3.0 goodlorde farquaad | October 10th 18
4.0 excellentaaronrkc | October 9th 18
4.0 excellentmallen- | October 8th 18
3.0 goodformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | October 8th 18
4.5 superbcrankstrap | October 8th 18
4.0 excellentMrCoffee | October 8th 18
3.5 greatvorallemswans | October 8th 18
4.5 superbMr Snrub | October 8th 18
4.5 superbdavesthesay | October 8th 18
2.5 averageDoofDoof | October 8th 18
4.0 excellentJohn Darr | October 8th 18
4.5 superbLee Whear | October 7th 18
2.5 averageKenderville | October 6th 18
5.0 classicfatneckbeard | October 5th 18
5.0 classicTokareshka | October 5th 18
4.0 excellentFreddieDelaney31 | September 25th 18
4.5 superbbornthetravestyofman | September 22nd 18
4.0 excellentMcMegaMountain | September 20th 18
4.5 superbcharlesdivision | September 17th 18

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