Aepoch   Awakening Inception
Release Date: 2018

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4.0 excellentWretchedCacophony | June 17th 18

bumpbumpbump this needs more attention as its way too good to be overlooked

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4.5 superbdeeplydisturbd | April 27th 18

what the fuuuuck this shreds! technical, progressive, fast, brutal, great vocals and some fantastic leads - it has a catchiness and sense of melody I find is often lost in extreme tech metal.. Also some great atmosphere, AMD PRODUCTION! its not overproduced!rPS sick bassworkrcanadians rock

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3.5 greatTheNotrap | September 11th 18

Another fine product out of the Canadian tech factory. Highlights: Delirium of Negation and Mentally Raped by Christ.


4.0 excellentDDDeftoneDDD | August 29th 18

I thought on 2nd track "if there's more tracks like Delirium of Negation it will be awesome"And it
does! And what great fucking debut! m/m/ my The bass is what make this awesome and special (very
good guitar solos as well). At the same time the "audible bass" makes the whole thing a little
less heavier than it should at times. Also not a big fan of this type of vocals - but that's just
me...this is good techdeath prog but with good songwriting preventing it from being just
"wanking"...I really hope to get back to it X)


3.5 greatcjbizzlebizzle | June 18th 18

Proggy death metal that at times draws heavily from thrash and has production that is reminiscent of metal in the early 2000s. One main highlights are the extensive use of guitar solos which have more flavor and soul than most prog DM bands of late; they are not robotic at all. Delirium of Negation is a standout where the group lays down a few verses of thrashy DM before blissfully jamming away with heartfelt guitar and bass solos; a wah-wah that sounds right at home in a death metal song is a feat on its own. Another highpoint is the raspy bass which provides more technical flare to chew on and even has some leads of its own. Awakening Inception sounds like a debut between the rough production and a bit of repetitiveness throughout the tracklist. That being said, it is a great debut for the group and they should be on any tech/prog death metal fans radar here on out.


3.5 greatmeenwolf131 | May 10th 18

well-constructed work of aggressive heaviness /adventurous flow of thrash-technical-progressive death metal that weaving together / hellish destructive vocals create such a atmospheric intense


4.0 excellentPanzerchrist | April 18th 18

One of the best debuts I've heard in the progressive death subgenre in some time. Aepoch manage to incorporate thrash, death, prog and black metal into an ultra slick and melodic framework, with blistering, elaborate solos and tasty and distinct bass passages. My only real issue with the album stems from its length; it's clear that the band had an immense amount of content they wanted to pack in, and because of the lack of any real pruning, it can tend to drag at parts. Still though, the amount of promise on-board is obvious from the jump, and further honing might lead them to a true genre classic further down the line. Got to give it to Canada once again for quirky, semi-buried gems such as these.


3.5 greatJKoppe | September 5th 18
4.5 superbmetaladdict | September 2nd 18
4.5 superbZombieParty | June 24th 18
4.0 excellentIsoSubject5 | June 20th 18
3.5 greatHaelaeif | June 5th 18
3.5 greatThuckabe | May 30th 18
3.5 greatDePlazz | May 23rd 18
2.5 averageElynna | May 23rd 18
4.0 excellentDeadNight | May 17th 18
3.5 greatHarmonizedDeath | May 15th 18
3.5 greatTasty | May 12th 18
3.5 greatbrain | May 11th 18
4.5 superbmax13x | May 11th 18
4.0 excellentbr4dl3yb34r | May 10th 18
4.0 excellentMacck | May 7th 18
4.0 excellentnecropig | May 4th 18
4.0 excellentMetalSoliloquy | April 23rd 18
4.0 excellentDmax28 | April 22nd 18

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