Night Flowers   Wild Notion
Release Date: 2018

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4.0 excellentmanosg STAFF | June 7th 18

Listening to Wild Notion while a gentle summer breeze blows in through my open window is nothing short of a complete experience. Or is Wild Notion that summer breeze that carries with it images of past summers and summers to come? Night Flowers' debut is a solid dream pop affair not only because of its instrumentation and songwriting, but mostly due to the images, smells and feelings it evokes so vividly. And just like the summer, the album ends before you know it.

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4.0 excellentAtari STAFF | April 19th 18

Kinda reminds me of a dreamier soccer mommy on one hand and Fazerdaze on the other. Several top-notch cuts here, but can't go wrong with "Sandcastles", "Unwound" or "Cruel Wind". Anytime you're feeling down, this will lift you right up with its accessible and warm melodies.

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3.5 greatBedex | March 19th 20

I think I owe this a second listen to decide if it is upper 3.5 or lower 4.0. It is an album that takes a specific mood, and I found that mood more readily during the second half, so I perhaps underestimated the first half. The record walks the line between mildly annoying naivety and fun catchiness quite well, but not always perfectly. 1-2 are nice and catchy, but 3-5 felt quite naive. Oddly 5 evokes French songs from the 80s to me? After that the record brought it up a solid notch (but as I said maybe it was just me getting used to its atmosphere), as 6 has a very solid and jammy intro, 7 shows how the naive side can work by alternating the cute vox with rock vibes, 8 is beautiful in the right mood, and 9 is catchy too. The record does end on a lower note though, with 9 overextending a bit and 10 feeling merely ok. Gotta re-listen. 3.7


4.0 excellentSunnyvale | April 22nd 20
3.5 greatJake E. | March 20th 20
4.0 excellentkalkwiese | February 7th 20
3.5 greatCrisStyles | January 9th 20
3.5 greatTrifolium | November 11th 19
3.0 goodSmurkinGherkin | October 18th 19
4.0 excellentNinjahague | July 31st 19
2.0 poorThuckabe | April 17th 19
3.5 greatMarehelm | December 18th 18
3.5 greatHawks | December 18th 18
4.0 excellentneekafat CONTRIBUTOR | November 25th 18
3.0 goodKrelkin | November 4th 18
4.0 excellentComeToDaddy | October 31st 18
3.5 greatMonsterpoptart | October 29th 18
4.5 superbJesper L. | October 21st 18
3.5 greatellagos | July 22nd 18
5.0 classicKeyblade | July 17th 18
4.0 excellentHaelaeif | June 15th 18
2.5 averageprogsun | May 16th 18
3.5 greatohtheurgency | May 14th 18
3.5 greatRudy K. STAFF | May 1st 18
3.5 greatfoxblood | April 20th 18
3.0 goodDoofusWainwright | April 19th 18
3.0 goodMcMegaMountain | April 17th 18
4.0 excellentDewinged CONTRIBUTOR | April 17th 18
4.5 superbbudgie | April 13th 18

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