Impending Doom   The Sin And Doom Vol. II
Release Date: 2018

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5.0 classicDavid | December 24th 18

One of the heaviest albums alongside Unearth that really stand out with each track


2.5 averageCalebStrong | October 15th 18

Same stuff ID has been doing for years - sticking to the genre constraints but with a Christian lyrical spin. Pretty meh, but perhaps fun for the right person.rFocusing on the Christian aspect, the lyrics are pretty cringe if you don't align with the band's views. However, they also have a sort of charm in the way they display such solidarity and indignance.rCertain refrains caught my attention such as "for freedom we conquer" - similar to the thought-provoking concept of Primordial's Where Greater Men Have Fallen (no musical relation), it alludes to the concept of protecting from the void that can be untethered freedom - lyrics that inspire thinking are gain points in my book. rWith that being said, there's a pretty laugh out loud moment where the vocalist screams "I am a Christian" preceeding a breakdown.rAfter being too deprived of willpower to find something more developed to listen to, I spun their back catalog at work and can confirm this album stands out as their strongest.rMusically, the intro track has some good impact. Paved with Bones and Devil's Den have some catchy parts. Otherwise, the album is some heavy noise. But wait, the riff on Everything Fake just pulled me from the album's malaise. rAlthough I hold a soft spot for ID, I can't recommend this unless you're a Christian without diverse taste, are somehow starved for deathcore, or enjoy musing over lyrics like me.


2.5 averagecastleberry | June 30th 18

some riffs on this slam, but it's mostly boring. the "i am a christian" part right before the breakdown almost made me spit out my coffee. it's been awhile since christian heavy bands have done that. definitely check out "EVIL"


2.5 averageultrainstinctgranny | June 28th 18

Burn and run for your life are really, really cheesey songs. Poorly executed, stale brutality with
talented lows and a couple choice juns scattered throughout.


5.0 classicProtomorph | June 22nd 18

This is one of the most hard hitting powerful albums you will ever hear. If you thought Death Will Reign was insanely heavy,
this ups the ante new heights of absolutely filthy gargantuan sonic brilliance. Instrumentally their most cohesive and varied
and Brook Reeves is on another level entirely with his screams/growls and showcases one of the greatest performances
I've ever heard. Standout tracks: Paved with Bones, War Music, Devils Den, Unbroken, Burn, Run for your life, Evil.


2.0 poorMatthias812 | March 14th 19
2.0 poorErichB | March 14th 19
3.0 goodnightlesS | February 9th 19
3.0 goodiamSeraph | December 23rd 18
3.0 goodKbob95 | October 7th 18
3.0 goodxXTheFailmasterXx | October 4th 18
2.5 averageLucman | September 4th 18
3.5 greatButtBoy | July 25th 18
2.5 averagePaleLord | July 19th 18
3.0 goodSilverandBlack5 | July 16th 18
2.5 averageSoilworker90 | July 13th 18
3.0 goodRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | July 9th 18
2.5 averagexenocide. | July 8th 18
5.0 classicFriendorFoe | July 4th 18
2.5 averageAdoreSwancore | July 3rd 18
3.0 goodbrettgoespunk | July 2nd 18
3.5 greatTheAverageJC | June 29th 18
4.0 excellentNiczi | June 28th 18
2.0 poorPanzerchrist | June 28th 18
4.5 superbmelgosabackstage | June 26th 18
3.0 goodZombieParty | June 26th 18
3.0 goodmayesaman2 | June 25th 18
3.5 greatinherentkev | June 25th 18
3.0 goodStorms of Disillusion | June 25th 18
3.5 greatDave S. M. | June 23rd 18
3.5 greatmattymetbril | June 23rd 18
2.5 averageDoctuses | June 22nd 18
3.0 goodaccompliceofmydeath | June 22nd 18
3.5 greatjustajammin | June 22nd 18
3.5 greatMetalSoliloquy | June 22nd 18
3.0 goodh e l l | June 22nd 18

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