Steve Reich   Early Works
Release Date: 1987

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1.0 awfulIai EMERITUS | June 10th 08

A compilation of Reich's earliest compositions, Early Works shows off his experiments with tape loops and phase shifting, an important concept to minimalism's development and a stepping stone for music. So yes, these pieces are important. They're also awful. For a combined length of over 30 minutes, "Come Out" and "It's Gonna Rain" spin just one vocal sample each - both taken from racially provocative sources - against another recording of the same vocal sample that's playing slightly faster, until the two cycle right through and sync up again. It's an interesting concept, but then so was the Portsmouth Sinfonia - this is even more unlistenable. "Clapping Music" is exactly that, with the same phased idea, and while "Piano Phase" is the best thing here, it still wouldn't trouble a list of minimalism's finest moments. One should only listen to this is they are studying 20th century music - it's quite simply not an album to be enjoyed.

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4.5 superb ghandhi is like peak autism | May 2nd 17

Come out to show them! Come out to show them!
Come out to show them! Come out to show them!

That aside, Piano Phase is fantastic. These
tracks are essential listening.

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4.0 excellenteverything except rap and country | August 3rd 17

'racially provocative sources' what the fuck LMAO!!!! Anyways, 'Come out' is a classic piece and the others are pretty fun as well.


5.0 classicHarrySmalldini97 | November 30th 15

Yeah this stuff is classic, it is going to rain after all


3.5 greatdeathprofessa47 | April 30th 13

Don't think them as compositions. Think of them as field work.


3.0 goodTRMshadow | May 13th 12

Not really that great one way or the other... some may contend that it is a masterpiece and a ground-breaking work of minimalism, while his friend may claim that it's all just a bunch of conflicting melodies and is utterly unlistenable. Music like this is one of the few pieces of music that hinges entirely on the person listening. One man's trash is another man's treasure. 2.9/5 (for me at least)


4.5 superbFillInTheBlankHere___ | February 16th 09

I disagree - I listen to this album on a regular basis, and the tape pieces are engaging to listen to the subtle modulation of the phases. Steve Reich is incredible.


3.0 goodI.M. Zig | October 25th 18
1.0 awfulClassical dweeb | August 25th 18
4.0 excellentNeatoo | August 4th 17
4.0 excellentyigruzeltil | June 25th 17
4.0 excellentWolfe | June 25th 17
4.0 excellentcookiedivine | July 6th 15
4.0 excellentFlagran12 | May 10th 15
3.5 greatExitOnly | March 31st 15
4.0 excellentnwhitmore | February 13th 14
5.0 classiclastbutnotleast | November 28th 13
3.5 greatbgf97 | November 12th 13
4.5 superbWinesburgohio STAFF | July 28th 13
1.5 very poorHuichilobos | June 15th 12
3.5 greatgabethepiratesquid | May 1st 12
4.5 superblowlierbottle | March 14th 12
3.0 goodsehguh | January 4th 12
3.5 greatBlueW | August 1st 11
4.5 superbsolopez | February 5th 11
4.5 superbconradtao EMERITUS | October 27th 10
2.0 poorqwe3 | January 22nd 10

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