Hobo Johnson   The Rise of Hobo Johnson
Release Date: 2017

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0.0 blook | March 28th 18

y'all actin like you hate this yet you rave bout eyedea and brockhampton foh y'all fake

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0.0 VaxXi | March 21st 18

"For one, this guy totally ripped off Hotel Books vocal delivery, but in a BAD way by rdumping his
adolescent white boy angst into the fold."

I don't understand the point you're trying to make here. Hotel Books is also adolescent white boy
angst in a bad way.

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3.5 greatTheManMachine | May 13th 18

If you want premium Hobo I propose his 'Live From Oak Park' YouTube video series; which cutely chronicles the indisputably better half of this release in all its unfussy flubbing jokey awkward glory. This merely suffices -- puerilely wailing and witty and whiny, grating as fuck eventually if not immediately, this sunk cynic-comic is best in small doses and preferably watched. Stuck on a twin-size mattress and "fucking starving" while he tries to proceed past viral, he's got an ear for pretty piano and a bad case of bacne; the most salacious stuff he'll do to your mom is eat her sandwiches and call her a great woman; his split parents and substance abuse are causes for concern. And tho his desperation can get dour, it can produce humble poignancy: "I'm an artist with a certain special something / And that something makes me really really sad because of nothing."

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1.0 awfulYourStarryEyes | May 8th 18

For one, this guy totally ripped off Hotel
Books vocal delivery, but in a BAD way by
dumping his adolescent white boy angst into
the fold. Secondly, the instrumentals on this
sound like it was made by a band who realized
they couldn't play instruments but decided to
record music anyway. I'm sorry but I cannot
find any redeeming qualities when it comes to
this album. The first 10 seconds of Romeo &
Juliet were cool I guess...

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1.0 awfulMinushuman24 | March 29th 18

You shush your GOD DANGED mouth, Blook.

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1.5 very poorMeta123 | March 21st 18

hi, im frank and im saD AND I FEEL EVERYONE SHOuld know this...

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1.5 very poorRyan Crist | November 24th 18

in the dictionary this album cover is printed next to the definition of fake deep


2.0 poordmoz47 | October 12th 18

I actually truly enjoy many of Hobo Johnsons live performances, but find this recorded music to lose a lot of the charm that he brings. That, mixed with his confused identity as an artist (is he a rapper? an indie sad boy? idk) leaves this record feeling crappy and unprofessional all around, lacking the enjoyability the live performances have.


2.5 averageobjectivity is not my thing at all | July 11th 18

really strong start, though unfortunately it fizzles out. blatant but entertaining songwriting, the vocal delivery and what feels like genuine adlibbing helps with the sincerity of the rather simple lyrics. the first five tracks go from great to good, the rest are relatively forgettable. a lot of potential shining through here, some fulfilled though a lot not


3.0 goodConmaniac CONTRIBUTOR | May 20th 18

judging by the number of friends that sent me this guy's stuff, this is probably my IDEAL music if I tried to become a rapper. thing is, I'm not trying to become a rapper so...


1.5 very poorJake E. | May 13th 18

When you compare a hip hop group to a La Dispute ripoff you need to eradicate yourself.


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1.0 awfulhazelnutsack | April 3rd 18
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2.0 poorSlex | March 29th 18
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2.0 poorwwf | March 26th 18
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3.0 goodThy Supreme Vomit Kommando, Nicholas von Nuclearpiss | March 11th 18
2.0 poorelephantREVOLUTION | March 9th 18

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