Lo Moon   Lo Moon
Release Date: 2018

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3.5 greatAspenshadow | February 28th 18

This is nice but really pales under the expectations set by Loveless. Whether you're listening from the perspective of the single being released in 2016 or just listening from the perspective of Loveless being the second track on the album, nothing else on the album even comes close and it's a little disappointing. I dig the aesthetic here but it all feels just a bit shallow.

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4.1 excellentSowingSeason STAFF | February 26th 18

Lo Moon burns with a soft glow, like the embers of a flame on the precipice of dying out.
It's awash in cool, electronic beats and refreshing waves of synth, but its heart - rooted
unflinchingly in rock - refuses to be suffocated, letting a single flame slip through the
cracks every few minutes to remind us that there's an earthy substance beneath all of its
elaborate posturing. Rolling drums and clashing guitars result in the most satisfying of
crescendos, often sandwiched between addicting hooks and mesmerizing harmonies. The tracks
routinely span into the five-to-seven minute range, allowing time for such blissful
culminations to arise. Lo Moon may possess some vaguely familiar traits - recalling
everything from Talk Talk to early-era Coldplay - but they somehow feel like a different
beast altogether. The Los Angeles trio's debut is on to something, and the band's rich,
vibrant marriage of electronic music and pop-infused indie rock seems destined to resonate
well on all levels.

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4.0 excellentRisodo | March 6th 18

I tried to listen to "Lo Moon" but i fell asleep three times last weekend. This is not saying that the album is weak or lazy enough to make me fall asleep. Today in my work, i had the opportunity to check the entire album and it is very interesting. Some aspects are commercial and leave the quality of the disc at the margin of rejection. But other than that, everything is well fitted and harmonious.


3.0 goodKatastrophiic | March 1st 18

I've got some odd favs on this one. My Money and The Right Thing are awesome.


3.5 greatTwigTW | March 1st 18

This sounds like the missing link between Laughing Stock and Talk Talk's earlier post-punk albums. It's great.


3.5 greatzaruyache | February 25th 18

Pretty indie rock with Talk Talk-y nu jazzy vibes.


3.5 greatflancexander | February 22nd 18

Fresh smoothies layin down atmosphere and melody in spades.


4.0 excellentJohnCoil888 | March 20th 18
4.0 excellentTenebraeInvictus | March 11th 18
3.0 goodJS19 | March 6th 18
2.5 averagewatsonjr | March 4th 18
4.0 excellentwasteofpaint31 | March 1st 18
4.5 superbmarcsit | March 1st 18
4.5 superbXXMurdaBeatzXX | March 1st 18
3.0 goodPrancer | March 1st 18
3.5 greatRadicalEd | March 1st 18
3.0 goodLOE | February 28th 18
3.5 greatStickFeit | February 28th 18
3.5 greatrayman raving rabid | February 28th 18
3.0 goodmontekristoo99 | February 28th 18
4.0 excellentSonofSnow | February 27th 18
3.0 goodSirArthur6 | February 27th 18
4.0 excellentGyromania | February 27th 18
4.5 superbFaraudo | February 26th 18
3.5 greatDaryl the Beryl | February 26th 18
4.0 excellentLionLotus | February 26th 18
4.0 excellenthumblerodent | February 26th 18
3.5 greatProjectFreak | February 26th 18
3.5 greatPistolPete | February 26th 18
2.5 averageDoofusWainwright CONTRIBUTOR | February 26th 18
4.0 excellentRaidenBeckford | February 26th 18
4.0 excellentErocktheGreatest | February 26th 18
4.0 excellentcm7com | February 25th 18
3.5 greatClaire Q CONTRIBUTOR | February 25th 18
2.5 averageskoopy48 | February 25th 18
3.5 greatshinw4 | February 24th 18
3.5 greatAshtiel | February 23rd 18

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