The Glorious Unseen   Tonight the Stars Speak
Release Date: 2007

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3.5 greatIgnimbrite | September 29th 11

this is like worship/CCM/jesus is my friend music except that it doesn't suck. to be quite honest, it's actually pretty good.

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3.0 goodAlexTM510 | February 18th 09

Praise & Worship has a major problem with sounding stale musically and more cliche than every other generic death metal band. Though the purpose of P & W is for the use of spiritual growth-hence most listeners aren't in for a unique musical experience . And although The Glorious Unseen are unbearably cliche and predictable with the music-the nice atmosphere given to the music provides something a bit more creative than their peers. This actually fits quite well with the lyrical approach of things. This isn't game changing but it's a bit refreshing for such a musically stale genre. There are a few of the bland numbers but if the band utilizes their atmosphere ("Meet Us Here", "Hear Our Prayers", and the slow yet intense "Close to Your Heart" ) and experiment a bit they could progress Praise & Worship into something more musically creative.


3.5 greatappleXcore | May 28th 08

this is a really great worship album. i loved sharing it with my friends. some people enjoyed it as much as i did, however, others found it too repetitive and slow. i can see where they get that idea. but it's a decision you'll have to make when you listen to it.


3.5 greatBlackDragon | January 13th 16
3.0 goodDisconnected | September 8th 13
4.0 excellentmttgry | June 22nd 13
3.5 greatDeathcar | November 25th 11
4.0 excellentAlucard125 | May 18th 11
3.5 greatwyankeif1337 | April 12th 11
3.5 greatsocietysfinest | February 1st 11
4.0 excellentCrackTheSkye | October 12th 10
4.0 excellentmcdaid | August 6th 10
3.0 goodMace | June 14th 10
3.0 goodotiswasmyname | November 10th 09
4.0 excellentYouAreMySilence | October 3rd 09
4.5 superbweare138mike | June 15th 09
3.5 greatstillchasingsafety | April 29th 09
4.0 excellentclumsydonkey | April 13th 09
3.5 greatbenhxc | February 18th 09
5.0 classiczrosschristian | February 8th 09
3.5 greatdaniel58 | September 16th 08
3.0 gooddonovr | May 21st 08

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