Satyricon   My Skin Is Cold
Release Date: 2008

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0.0 h e l l | August 22nd 19

stop complaining and put on a sweater


4.0 excellentgaras | August 22nd 19

Extremly overlooked, and way better than the average score! Except of the title track, you can find great songs from different albums presenting some of the best songs from the band's discography. And 'Mother North' performed with a backup orchestra is unbeliveably amazing - best version EVER.


0.0 istaros | June 11th 08

surprisingly-not-bad, considering their last few releases. by no means is it a return to the band's first three albums; all the same, it does display a new balance between the old sound and the new sound. the EP is still very much in the black'n'roll subgenre, don't get me wrong. however, it is much darker and more atmospheric than Now, Diabolical and Volcano. it's a bit more varied; a couple of the songs display a strong doom metal element, maybe even sludge. it's a very odd EP, and even though it can squarely be placed into the category of "new Satyricon," it certainly has its own unique flavor when compared to their last three albums.
now, perhaps this was conscious on their part, perhaps not - but either way, they've illustrated this sense of uniqueness very well with the song "Existential Fear - Questions". i doubt many fans will like it, but i do and for one reason alone: it's fucking bizarre. it doesn't sound like Satyricon at all. it almost sounds like Sabbath with (more) drugs and (more) emotional issues. presumably, it represents a new focus; if so, it's one that, i think, is very interesting

p.s. it turns out that "Repined Bastard Nation" would be a helluva lot of fun to hear live. and if you thought "Mother North" was good before, you HAVE to hear it with a backup orchestra


3.5 greatH3rrMorbid | July 7th 19
3.5 greatziltoid101 | October 31st 18
2.0 poorgocsa666 | June 9th 18
1.5 very poorAzog | February 28th 18
2.5 averageDave S. M. | September 4th 17
2.5 averageUndeadWarrior | March 9th 17
2.0 poordesecravity | June 1st 16
2.0 poorFaustus | February 5th 15
1.5 very poorDoctorDoom | January 13th 15
4.0 excellentBullhead82 | November 5th 13
2.0 poorHati | September 10th 13
2.0 poorDeathPiercedMe | February 27th 13
2.0 poorDirtBagDan | February 17th 13
4.0 excellentIronWolf | July 27th 12
2.5 averagePhate72 | February 13th 12
4.0 excellentannomaly | May 11th 10
1.5 very poorMindtraveller | February 9th 10
1.0 awfulshaitan | September 21st 09
1.0 awfulpanagiotis | February 18th 09
3.0 goodSylentEcho | January 24th 09
1.5 very poorHyperbore | November 26th 08
3.0 goodfireaboveicebelow | November 8th 08
2.0 poorMythrandir | September 9th 08
3.5 greatweare138mike | September 8th 08
3.5 greatZoo | July 19th 08

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