Porches.   The House
Release Date: 2018

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0.0 VaxXi | January 19th 18

i wish someone talked about me like aaron talks about water

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3.0 goodBedex | February 14th 20

Much more electronica based than their prior output, this one hits perhaps harder when it does, but it very often fails due to a combination of annoying moany or autotuned vocals, excessively minimalistic instrumentals, or erratic bleep bloops. The very album intro is good but quickly you feel like ok stop the moans now. The outro track is quite nice and wraps the album well into a sort of vox led ambient thingy. 2 is one of their most fun tracks, displaying the electronic style on this record done well, and is kind of a jam. 4 shows the most dream pop they've ever been in the intro but doesn't unfold incredibly well. 5 despite being moany sort of works I guess. 6 shows them going RnBey - experimenting nicely - but is too bleep bloopey to work. 8 is another bouncy electronica track but the vox ruin it, and they ruin 9 even more. Even without that the track feels weak, but interestingly it made me wonder if I'd have this much trouble with female vocals. 10 is the other kinda jam here, it takes a while to kick in but when it does it does nicely. 12 shows autotune used quite well in daft punk fashion, but the track doesn't work because of the weird instrumental. 13 is cooper fx generation loss guitar + annoying vox. So yeah an erratic record quite like their prior stuff, but showing a definite change in direction which can work quite well in places. 3.1


3.5 greatmeenwolf131 | February 16th 18

mid-tempo synthpop come with lush warm melodic elements / still dynamic but keep playing with various melodic detail and ambient layer to envelop his vocals / moody and bittersweet but lack of exciting dynamic


2.5 averageTheManMachine | February 2nd 18

Followup to the precious 'Pool' is a bit bigger and blander -- moments that are more akin to club-house (not necessarily a bad thing) and too oft-lacking the soul and horsepower to contend either way (usually a bad thing). On one hand I admire his commitment to wounded warbling but it's oh so much whiny tedium; and be it the many middling shorties within or shortage of solid hooks this just becomes a big achy blur that I can't quite recall afterwards. Not much I'd call unpleasant on the whole however. Few standouts. Auto-tune heightened. Touch of sax in tact.


4.0 excellentSlex CONTRIBUTOR | January 17th 18

A potent mix of blown out pop statements mixed with drifting, dreamy confessionals. Similar in sound to Too Bright by Perfume Genius, but more free-flowing and much more effective imo. A truly beautiful album.


2.5 averagePolarfluff | February 11th 20
2.5 averagekarlulol | November 7th 19
3.5 greatKrelkin | August 18th 19
2.0 poorghworin | January 25th 19
2.0 poorBrendan Stupik | January 23rd 19
4.0 excellentthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | January 15th 19
3.0 goodValentinoPacino | October 20th 18
2.5 averagepsim | October 19th 18
3.5 greatTwigTW | September 26th 18
3.5 greatDaneleslie | September 19th 18
3.5 greatmommypig | September 12th 18
4.0 excellentKingofextremities | May 21st 18
2.5 averageibringyoufire | May 2nd 18
3.5 greatJordan M. STAFF | April 3rd 18
1.5 very poorTimeMuffin | March 8th 18
3.0 goodEmperorRyker | February 20th 18
3.0 goodSnake. | February 16th 18
3.0 goodchaseguitar | February 13th 18
3.5 greatBrandon Taylor | February 10th 18
3.0 goodcheapcrayon | February 9th 18
2.0 poorjtswope | February 7th 18
3.0 goodwasteofpaint31 | January 28th 18
4.0 excellentAnthracks | January 27th 18
4.5 superbPapyrIsGood | January 26th 18
2.5 averageNickLizard49 | January 25th 18
2.5 averageRudy K. STAFF | January 25th 18
3.0 goodDoofusWainwright | January 24th 18
2.5 averageNickelbackFTL | January 24th 18
4.0 excellentellagos | January 24th 18
3.5 greatanobsoletevernacular | January 21st 18
3.5 greatFrozenBum | January 20th 18
3.0 goodbharry | January 20th 18
4.0 excellentchris. | January 20th 18
3.5 greatfaultline25 | January 20th 18
1.5 very poorajcollins15 | January 20th 18
4.5 superbhobblepot | January 20th 18
3.0 goodSirArthur6 | January 19th 18
2.5 averagejojocope555 | January 19th 18
3.5 greatMcMegaMountain | January 17th 18
3.5 greatbrokencycle | January 16th 18

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