Ashlee Simpson   Bittersweet World
Release Date: 2008

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2.0 poormvdu | September 20th 10

I listened to this again, and couldn't believe I had it at a 3 before. Autobiography at least has some decent bubblegum moments. Bittersweet World is just the sound of a not-so-good singer going beyond her reach.

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2.5 averageJared Floryan | November 21st 14

She might've had creative control over Bittersweet World, but there's just something... off about Ashlee Simpson's latest album. Much of the material here is pop rock, albeit with less of a guitar-driven motif and more along the lines of a vintage, dancey formula; some of it works, though only with predictable results. Overall, the release could've turned out worse than I thought it did, but there also should've been more substance put into the effort.


2.0 poorRudy K. STAFF | August 12th 09

With Bittersweet World, the younger, more tone-deaf Simpson sibling has wholeheartedly embraced the ‘80s, beat-tastic sound that has been gaining speed in the pop world over the years. The result is a mixed bag. Lead single “Outta My Head” is built on a nagging guitar beat and a simple drum machine, but sadly the lyrics are ridiculously inane (“what you lookin’ at me for huh? / show me respect or I will show you the door”), and Ashlee fails miserably at sounding sassy.
The album isn’t totally worthless, however. For every cringe-inducing break-up song (“Little Miss Obsessive”) and pointless bad-girl posturing (“Rule Breaker”), there are a couple bright spots: the dark pulse of “Murder” and the whirling guitar pop of “Ragdoll,” and no one can ever accuse Ashlee of lacking energy. All in all, Bittersweet World is more of a party than her earlier efforts, but still a plastic, manufactured one at that.


3.0 goodBearsAreBastards | May 9th 08

Surprisingly, this album was actually pretty good. The only thing it really lacked was consistency with the new songs. She adventured out into a new genre but fell back into old formulas which didn't fit the album, thus the 3. Overall, Outta My Head and Boys are the stand out tracks. It just stinks they both come so early in the album.


3.5 greatgalaxyseal | December 9th 17
2.5 averageTayTay | November 11th 17
3.0 goodhillaryduff | October 29th 17
1.0 awfulElSomni | July 28th 17
2.0 poornewconstellation | May 14th 17
1.0 awfulBlackFugazi | October 29th 16
3.5 greatekdahl | May 15th 16
2.5 averageshaunly | June 19th 15
1.5 very poorOceanspellcaster | November 21st 14
3.0 goodHomogenic | September 30th 14
2.0 poorLepreCon | September 8th 14
1.0 awfulSlamurai | August 22nd 14
3.5 greatUNIFxReaper | January 31st 14
1.5 very poorharleyZHC | February 9th 13
2.5 averageZedO | May 16th 12
1.0 awfulblszwylde | April 2nd 12
3.0 goodJoeyWadeTillifyRene | November 10th 10
2.0 poorruuthporter | September 18th 10
2.0 poorHobertRollier | June 14th 10
3.5 greatmiky182 | November 8th 09
3.5 greatBSX | September 30th 09
4.0 excellentAshMcAuliffe | August 20th 09
4.0 excellentNouggie | July 2nd 09
5.0 classicTremaine | June 13th 08
3.5 greatfadedblack | May 20th 08
4.0 excellentdrewhnovak | April 22nd 08

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