Sound of Ceres   The Twin
Release Date: 2017

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3.5 greatBedex | July 7th 20

This one struggles perhaps a bit more than its predecessor when it comes to crafting an atmosphere - the band's instrumentation seems a little less full and simpler in places - but this still feels way underrated. Track 1-3 are nice and soft, with perhaps increasingly lacking substance but not to a dramatic degree, then 4 is catchier and more hooking. After an interlude, 6 is kinda cool and ritualistico-hypnotic with nice synths, while 7 is alright but a bit cheesy. The end of the track with the fat beat is kinda cool even though it's quite a convenue idea. 8's alright, 9 is nice, and 10 is the clearest jam here - the band seems really good at closing albums on super fun, whirly electronic-leaning tracks. This closer in and of itself bumps this a point or two to a final 3.65


4.0 excellentDadEsquire | March 28th 18

While The Twin may not be as immediately accessible or beautiful as the previous one, it?s just as rewarding if you take the time to sink into it. On the surface, it seems as though Sound of Ceres?s sound hasn?t changed much between the two records. The icy synths and weightless vocals are still very much present, but The Twin feels more mechanical and colder than Nostalgia. The album feels more vast, more open, which is fitting as the theme of the album is one of planetary exploration. Sound of Ceres doesn?t make music and songs so much as they make different worlds and experiences to immerse yourself in and explore every nook and cranny of.rFAVORITE TRACKS: Gemini Scenic, Outer Century, Solar Mirror 9, Eden V


2.5 averageloveisamixtape | May 11th 20
3.0 goodvoff3 | March 25th 20
4.5 superbTheGreatQ | December 16th 18
3.0 goodRadishSpirit | April 18th 18
3.0 goodchaseguitar | December 28th 17
2.0 poormontekristoo99 | October 27th 17
2.5 averagebrokencycle | October 12th 17
2.5 averageFrank - the rater of 3.5 | October 8th 17

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