Asagraum   Potestas Magicum Diaboli
Release Date: 2017

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3.5 greatMelodeth | June 3rd 21

Stumbled across this one and glad I did. Ferocious black metal played by two talented musicians. I didn't find it derivative but melodic, well paced and absorbing


3.0 goodManiacBlasphemer | October 13th 19

Still listening to this so rating might change. After 2 spins I realized that these ladies can play black metal really well and their incessant coverage in metal magazines for the past few weeks is not pointless. Although I am quite sure that the reason they were so well promoted is not due to the music, but due to the fact that an all-woman band plays black metal, a male dominated genre. These ladies combine the orthodox black metal elements from the 90s with occasional dissonant riffing, inspired by Deathspell Omega and the like. There is a high degree of interesting melodies lingering on this record, not just relentless blast-beat primitve black metal. So far the second half of the album is better, particularly tracks 5, 6 and 8. The first half is a bit lackluster, with plenty of fillers and only the 4th track sticking out as the main highlight with its very melodic riff in the middle section. This band has the potential to improve even further.


3.6 greatVoivod STAFF | September 20th 19

Asagraum came to the fore when on a whim, I decided to check on the projects that Trish, the drummer for Aldrahn's new band Urarv, was involved in at the time. It was a rewarding foray for Asagraum alone, because their black metal, for all its melody, death metal elements and relative hi-fi register, is firmly rooted on the genre's second wave, despite the song structures becoming noticeably repetitive towards the end of the track list. And then, there are Obscura's vocals, one of the grimmest the recent yield has put on record. Favorite track: Black Sun Prayer. Stream:


3.5 greatzaruyache | June 24th 19

No-frills melodic second-wave worship a la Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and Sargeist. The fact that they're all talented women is more of a bonus on top of their generally tight songwriting.


3.0 goodGameofmetal EMERITUS | October 20th 23
4.0 excellentTheSmashBro | March 31st 23
3.5 greatFpippianatorF | October 23rd 20
3.5 greatPytkaWonsza | September 6th 20
3.5 greatbbm | July 5th 20
3.5 greatRedFinalForm | May 26th 20
3.5 greatReviewc0re | December 4th 19
3.5 greatjfish226 | November 25th 19
3.5 greatBlackOutIXI | September 16th 19
3.5 greatPikazilla | September 12th 19
3.5 greatAeternal | August 7th 19
3.5 greatAurien | July 15th 19
4.0 excellentmifzal | July 9th 19
3.0 goodbmelt CONTRIBUTOR | May 17th 18
3.0 goodJeejee | February 20th 18
3.5 greatBrandon Scott EMERITUS | December 14th 17
3.5 greatesav | November 16th 17

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