Aimee Mann   Lost in Space
Ranking: #41 for 2002

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4.5 superbFroot | December 16th 16

Will forever associate this with the time I moved out of my parents' house, eating Domino's by myself in my new
bedroom, watching torrented episodes of X-Men, and then suddenly, at a certain point, realizing just how
unbelievably lonely I am and how much I valued my parents' company (and still do). And then I'd just listen to
this. Over, and over, and over, and over. So, there's certainly a lot of personal leverage to my rating; it's
difficult sometimes for me to flick on, say, Invisible Ink for instance and hear "There comes a time when you
swim or sink" without immediately turning it off from the regret I feel thinking back to that time in my life.

That being said, this has some gorgeous melodies and choruses mixed with the sort of character-driven stories -
not necessarily about Mann herself - you should be familiar with by now from her discography. Very sympathetic
and relatable to the everyday woes tied to feeling distanced from others, floating in your own little
atmosphere as the rest of the world proceeds without you.

"Reserved fierceness" I suppose might be a good way of putting the album's overall production and tone, always
managing to maintain a steady sense of moodiness and melancholy while also keeping a somewhat bobbing groove
going to give it that underlying urban atmosphere.

Just one of those kick-back, relax and have-a-good-long-cry albums, if you get what I mean. Kind of a blue-
eyed-soul meets early-2000s alt rock mumbling singer-songwriter affair. Good for evening walks through the park
while the sun sets.

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