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5.0 classicbewdragon | June 5th 08

It is a rare person that possesses such immense talent and devotion to their craft that their supreme quality is instantly recognizable to anyone they meet. That's the way it is with Eric Stuart; from the first few notes he sings, you know he is doing what he was destined to do. With subtle vocal variations, like a magician meticulously enunciating a complex spell, he carefully shapes each precise word to summon his story and breathe life into it. You find yourself cast into a vivid dream world held together by compelling feelings of sorrow and joy, success and failure, that you find surprisingly close to your own!
Somewhere in the vicinity of contemporary country, folk, and roots rock--this band is in a genre of its own that appeals to everyone. Your first time listening through one of their songs is an experience you will never forget--that dreamscape-conjuring voice, unforgettable tunes, powerful story-telling, sharp-witted lyrics, brilliant instrumentation; these are larger than life living legends, and it is a sublime honor to be enchanted by their musical magic! I’m DizzySpellBound!

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5.0 classicsternkind | July 18th 08

If there ever was a title called Angel of Music, Eric Stuart is the most deserving of it. This CD is a prime example of his musical ability, his lyric-writing talent, and his golden voice. With every note and every word, he takes you on a journey the likes of which are indescribable. "The Remedy" is a beautiful track that speaks of hope and love in the most dire of times. "The Second Time Around" speaks of the difficult task of moving on after a broken heart, told though metaphors and lyrics that touch the soul every time. The song "Blood Red Rose" is a unique track in that it is a solo, the only instrument played throughout is an acoustic guitar, and it still enchants the listener every time. Only a true angel of music could cast such a spell with one voice and one instrument. And these are but a few of the brilliant tracks on this CD, for as with all of the Eric Stuart Band CDs, each track is a priceless treasure.

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5.0 classicchill | July 16th 08

The music of ESB (Eric Stuart Band) is a genre of its own, which makes it a challenge to describe. If you imagine a triangle between the gravelly emotion of Bruce Springsteen, the easy charm of Buddy Holly, and the suave richness of Elvis Presley; then I'd say most ESB songs would fit somewhere within that triangle. Overall, Bombshellshocked is the least country-sounding of their 3 in-print albums, though it still has its presence. What is most striking about these songs are their complex and powerful emotions and original points of view. There is never a dull moment, and nothing is ever cliché. Sad Day for Love isn't so much a song about sadness, but more like the shock of maddening frustration that makes you punch the wall before you sink to the floor. Bad Seed to Sow isn't simply about racism, but also about regaining childhood innocence and being a good role model. The Remedy (my favorite song on this album) is more than just encouraging; it's about seeing your problems as they are and then overcoming them--"stare in the face of the beast within; I'll help you rise above your own misfortune." Sooner or Later rocks out with strong emotions of enthusiasm, excitement, and anticipation. As always, ESB gives you the wonderful tunes you want with much more quality than you bargained for. Whether you play it in the background, or deeply contemplate about the music, ESB delivers. Also check out their other two albums: Blue Dressed in Black, and In the County of Kings!

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5.0 classicBlockHeadHancho | July 28th 08

Nothing can hold these guys back!
This album contains everything I’ve come to expect from the Eric Stuart Band (ESB); namely, Eric’s irresistible voice, ingenious lyrics, catchy tunes, and a good mix of songs. “Sad Day For Love” displays Eric’s unique way of writing genuinely about heartache and frustration, while maintaining a fast tempo and good beat. Songs that are markedly different from other ESB albums include “The Remedy,” which invites the listener to stand up and face their troubles—“stare in the face of the beast within; I’ll help you rise above your own misfortune.” “A Bad Seed To Sow” is about preventing racism by being a good example for young people to follow. “A Boy In Love With You” is different from other ESB songs in that it uses piano, violin, viola, and cello instead of the usual guitars and drums. As the title implies, “BombShellShocked” lets us know that ESB can still give us that unsurpassed quality above the rest, and still reach beyond your highest expectations to keep the experience fresh and new every time!


5.0 classicj100492 | July 18th 08
5.0 classicpigmon | July 8th 08

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