Liz Phair   Liz Phair
Release Date: 2003

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2.0 poorSystemunfolded | March 13th 12

I really like her for what she did in her first couple of albums, but here she just fails to reinvent that old school style that made me just wanna fuck her so hard. She's adorable in the album art, but rarely shines in any place outside of the typical country/pop realm, which is a realm I rarely dare to take a trip into.


0.0 alex0203 | July 31st 08

Really, this is just Liz Phair's attempt to sound like a really pop version of Avril Lavinge, but it's not a terrible album. "Extraordinary" is a good album opener and it's a probably Liz's loudest rock song ever. Despite "Favorite", which is just about an on-again-off-again boyfriend who reminds her of her favorite underwear, the music on this record get progressively better. NOTICE: I said the music, not the lyrics. The lyrics on this album are not her best, by far, but sometimes you just have to wonder if she just wanted to make an album that was less serious than Exile in Guyville or Whip-Smart. So, I can't fault her for that because TOO much seriousness can be plain boring.
She produced the majority of the songs on this album, but she didn't do much guitar playing at all. "Bionic Eyes" has a 60's type vibe to it and the lyrics are just like those of classic Liz Phair. Another good one is "Firewalker" even though it sounds a bit like she is straining to hit the higher notes. Although "Why Can't I" isn't Grammy-worthy, it was a catchy song that brought her radio airplay and it broadened her fanbase. So what's wrong with that?? She even points fun at herself in "Rock Me" stating that the guy she's seeing has never even heard of her music before. There is one filler-song on there, "HWC" which is really silly and upbeat blatantly sexual song. There's also a beautiful and uptempo song called "Good Love Never Dies".
What makes this record different from Exile in Guyville( year 1993), Whip-Smart (year 1994), and Whitechocolatespaceegg( year 1998) is that it is more melodic and she challeges herself vocally and again as the sole producer on most of the songs. Artists are supposed to try new things and push boundaries and I don't see where she went wrong with releasing this record.


4.5 superbbigchinko | November 5th 17
3.0 goodAnothertwo | March 21st 17
2.0 poorGhandhiLion | January 25th 17
2.0 poordiscovolante | January 25th 17
1.0 awfullovealienzzz | November 27th 16
1.5 very poorSatelliteYears | September 20th 15
2.0 poormrLemonade666 | October 25th 14
4.0 excellentHomogenic | September 30th 14
1.0 awfulNickelbackSucks | May 6th 14
1.5 very poorMaggieG | March 15th 14
2.0 poorWeirman | February 13th 14
1.0 awfulpitchforkratings | February 12th 14
2.0 poorBoogieOogie85 | January 9th 14
2.0 poorUsernameX | November 20th 13
2.5 averageGetOutOfMyHouse | October 4th 13
3.5 greatiwannacopeland | July 7th 13
1.5 very poorRsetness9 | June 22nd 13
1.5 very pooramiritsuccumb | September 21st 12
3.5 greatOshKosh101 | July 26th 12
4.5 superbFormerCritic | April 12th 12
2.5 averageDrunkenSailor | January 3rd 12
1.0 awfulusedreaction | November 4th 11
1.0 awfulSkipdog | September 20th 11
2.5 averageericsearsandeyes | June 21st 11
1.0 awfulMr_Coffee | June 3rd 11
1.0 awfulJeffort23 | April 26th 11
2.0 poorzosofellini | March 9th 11
3.0 goodWNF | February 8th 11
2.0 poorrymo | December 6th 10
1.5 very poorBrainPie | September 26th 10
1.0 awfullettersandsodas | July 28th 10
1.5 very poorXulOnerom | June 27th 10
3.0 goodmvdu | June 6th 09
3.0 goodmkissack | March 7th 09
1.5 very pooranimalnitrate | July 17th 08
2.0 poornatey | March 31st 08

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