Scale the Summit   In a World of Fear
Release Date: 2017

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3.0 goodRivalSkoomaDealer | May 19th 17

"This is the best Scale the Summit yet!!! It is a refinement of their sound and the musicianship
is on another level."

Chris Letchford is that you?

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2.5 averageDrummerboy123 | May 22nd 17

Uninteresting and uninspired. Like many have said it feels as if StS have run their course. The production is very stale and the songwriting seems outright random at times. Once you get into a section it changes immediately with no flow or conscious thought of how the song progresses, rather just "riff A then riff B". The band that wrote "Atlas Novus" is nowhere to be seen and it gives the impression that the previous members had a much more impactful role in the songwriting than we'd previously thought. rThe synths sound almost preset-y and are awkwardly levelled in the mix where it feels as if they're clashing with the guitars for the listener's attention. There are some cool moments sprinkled throughout but ultimately this feels like a style over substance release.

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3.0 goodXenorazr CONTRIBUTOR | May 21st 17

Each Scale the Summit album has, up to this point, felt like an evolution or progression from the last. Even V had the benefit and appeal of being more relaxed and naturalistic, if you will. The thing with this album is that it simply feels like a side-step, because it's largely the same album as its predecessor. Is it enjoyable? Absolutely, and the lack of technical wizardry at work is something I don't mind--I actually welcome it to some extent. Is that necessarily what other fans of the band want? Maybe not, and that's fine.

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1.0 awfulshutuphenry | May 21st 17

I'm literally giving this a 1.0 to balance out the 5.0 given by CobraKai who clearly has something to do with the
creation/release of the album. "...I love the new members...Kilian Duarte and Charlie Engen. Bassist Kilian Duarte is a
graduate of Berklee College of Music..." come on man. The album is different from previous Scale the Summit releases, but
not necessarily in a good way. It still has all the problems of every Scale the Summit release. Every single song has no
direction at all, and it's all mindless noodling and senseless writing from Chris Letchford. As usual, there are a few really
cool riffs that last for a few seconds and then immediately stop dead in their tracks to change to a melodic idea that has no
connection whatsoever to the rest of the song. I would give this a 2.5, but the 1.0 is, once again, to balance out that
ridiculous 5.0

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3.0 goodDrpibb | May 19th 17

eh, it's ok

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2.5 averagePanzerchrist | May 19th 17

Never really been bored with a Scale the Summit release before, but this just feels dull. I could barely finish it. Seems like all the other band members took the charisma with them.

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3.0 goodjmh886 | May 19th 17

This decent but nothing great. I kind of feel like these guys have reached the limit of what they can do with their sound.

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2.5 averageBRAman22 | July 17th 17

Scale the Summit are still technical, but there is a certain something missing from their sound this time around, it just seems unfocused. Not an outright bad album, but certainly a disappointment after V.


2.0 poorEasterInTheBatcave | June 23rd 17

Independent of the band drama surrounding it, this is still hideously underwhelming. There are some great moments, to be sure, but it's largely dull, and the production is a serious step down from previous efforts. The songwriting is jittery, too often relying on abrupt transitions, and the guest spots don't amount to much, either.


3.2 goodWillie STAFF | May 26th 17

Instrumental progressive elevator music. It's not bad, but there's zero energy to this stuff. Even the more energetic stuff such as 'Witch House' just feels so sterile.


2.0 poormaytropolees | May 24th 17

There are a few nice guest solos on this, and that's really it. Not nearly enough to make up for bland, directionless songs. Add to that the sterile production, and the guitar interplay is completely gone from their sound.


1.0 awfulGeorgeyK23 | May 21st 17

I don't understand music anymore if stuff like this actually sells and generates a living for Chris Leachford, oh sorry i mean Letchford. The Migration was a great album and i was looking forward to listening to the evolution of the band, i suppose their evolution stopped right about the time Leachford decided his 'god' like status as a technique guitarist meant he didn't need to pay his fellow band mates anymore.

How on earth he has managed to get Yvette Young to play on a track and still somehow generate no feeling, soul or reasonable song structure is actually quite incredible, knowing him and his Diva attitude he probably made her play a Kiesel instead of her trademark Strandberg if it meant he would make an extra $5 in advertising.

I think the best thing CL can do now is give up writing his own music and go play in a technical death metal band that needs a lead guitarist who can play really really really fast solos and leave the generation of emotion and actual musical enjoyment to someone who understands the difference between music and technique.


3.0 goodmdross95 | May 20th 17

Lmao, this dude giving the 5.0 just made an account yesterday and this is his only rating. Not suspicious at all.


2.5 averagecoma2rium | May 20th 17

This is.. Definitely scale the summit but it just comes off so... Soulless. I have a hard enough time listening to
these guys after the shit Letchford pulled, but it would be so much easier if it didnt look like the rest of the band
that quit were the ones keeping his songwriting in check. The guest spots are scattershot and make for an
uneven listen, and the added layer of keyboards doesn?t add nearly as much as it should. I think this band has
definitely run their course. And their first three albums are among my favorite instrumental releases ever. Such a
shame that the magic seems to be gone.

This doesn’t get any better with repeat listens, the best thing here is Neon Tombs and the best part of the song is
it’s name.


5.0 classicCobraKai | May 19th 17

This is the best Scale the Summit yet!!! It is a refinement of their sound and the musicianship is on another level. All of the
guest appearances bring such a fresh sound and perspective and the I love the new members...Kilian Duarte and Charlie
Engen. Bassist Kilian Duarte is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and his talents shine here.....Drummer Charlie Engen
brings such technicality and his chops are insane. Scale the Summit has always been a great prog band and now they are
on the level of Animals as Leaders. IN a World of Fear grooves so hard and goes from epic moments of chill vibes to all out
rocking. This album like all great prog albums has a lot of depth and rewards you with more listens. The artwork and album
title are so spot on and honestly this new sound they deliver is infectious!!


2.5 averagestuck_in_decades | November 7th 17
1.5 very poorJeffBeshultz | November 3rd 17
3.0 goodElevon | October 12th 17
2.5 averageManqaness24 | September 19th 17
3.0 goodtellah | September 18th 17
3.5 greatiamSeraph | August 27th 17
2.0 poorDctarga | August 9th 17
4.0 excellentcounterparts | July 28th 17
2.5 averageEternalSchism | July 28th 17
3.0 goodProtestTheLegacy | July 26th 17
3.0 goodaquiroga79 | July 19th 17
3.5 greatderekkp | July 18th 17
2.0 poorBlackFugazi | July 18th 17
2.5 averageDinosaurJones | July 17th 17
2.0 poorYakNips | June 27th 17
3.0 goodFutureSequence | June 23rd 17
3.0 goodEucatastrophe CONTRIBUTOR | June 23rd 17
2.0 poorhadriel | June 21st 17
3.5 greatTundraL5Z | June 21st 17
2.5 averageevilmangoes | June 18th 17
2.5 averageNewsFromTheFront | June 18th 17
4.0 excellentGbhill | June 11th 17
3.0 goodXXMurdaBeatzXX | June 6th 17
2.0 poorsiIverspawn | June 6th 17
2.0 poormontekristoo99 | June 3rd 17
3.5 greatHawks | June 1st 17
2.5 averagemikejulian222 | May 31st 17
3.5 greatFictionalFlames | May 30th 17
3.0 goodlinguist2011 CONTRIBUTOR | May 30th 17
3.0 goodareinking | May 30th 17
3.0 goodJeejee | May 29th 17
3.0 goodFlameLord | May 28th 17
2.5 averageofftrailjeff | May 27th 17
1.0 awfulDonkeyOllie69 | May 27th 17
3.0 goodpeartnoy | May 26th 17
2.0 poorAnimalsAsSummit | May 26th 17
2.5 averagebigguytoo9 | May 26th 17
1.5 very poorSite HevyDevy Specialist | May 26th 17
1.5 very poorformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | May 26th 17
1.0 awfulsynthstreaks2 | May 26th 17
3.5 greatCris13Sic | May 26th 17
3.0 goodelbaliem | May 26th 17
3.5 greatJakeStallion | May 26th 17
3.0 goodAzn. | May 26th 17
3.0 goodCameronLaD | May 25th 17
4.5 superbRCBest | May 25th 17
4.0 excellentSubmissiveOstrich | May 25th 17
3.0 goodTANNHAUSER | May 25th 17
3.0 goodHaxasaurus | May 25th 17
2.5 averageIgnimbrite | May 25th 17
1.5 very poorMikeC26 | May 25th 17
3.0 goodelephantREVOLUTION | May 25th 17
2.5 averageMO | May 25th 17
5.0 classicPudpots | May 24th 17
2.0 poorSwarm | May 24th 17
2.0 poorChairline | May 24th 17
2.0 poorWarpt | May 24th 17
4.5 superbcrowing51 | May 24th 17
1.5 very poorUnderflow | May 24th 17
2.5 averageHenderson | May 23rd 17
3.0 goodMythodea | May 23rd 17
3.0 goodDabaens | May 22nd 17
2.0 poorRespawn | May 22nd 17
2.0 poorTheFantasticDangler | May 21st 17
2.5 averageKalopsia | May 21st 17
3.0 goodElynna | May 20th 17
5.0 classictravisaurusrex | May 20th 17
3.0 goodDmax28 | May 19th 17
2.5 averageleku200 | May 19th 17
3.0 goodSaberzauls | May 2nd 17
1.0 awfulPilloTonelli | April 18th 17

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