Rose Elinor Dougall   Stellular
Release Date: 2017

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3.5 greatcjbizzlebizzle | April 27th 17

Excellent songwriting and crystal clear, beautiful production all around creating a bittersweet, ethereal indie pop atmosphere. Stellular may not deliver the generational pop classic but the average quality of the tracks is stunning without any misses. When making a quick scan through the album it is hard to imagine why this isn't the best pop album in some time but it becomes apparent when giving it the full go. The album as a whole lacks variation, Dougall's vocals seem a bit laxe at times and repetitive and it is fairly long and drawn out.


3.5 greatI Am Saruman, The Multicoloured | March 27th 17

Excellent pop album overall with solid tracks.


4.0 excellentvorallemswans | April 15th 19
3.0 goodGrzka | December 6th 18
3.0 goodBlackbirdA12 | September 22nd 18
3.0 goodIrascibul11 | April 17th 18
3.0 goodBrandon | September 9th 17
3.0 goodAnimadversion | June 18th 17
3.5 greatDewinged CONTRIBUTOR | March 30th 17
4.0 excellentprogsun | March 17th 17
4.0 excellentkascetcadettt | March 16th 17
3.0 goodmontekristoo99 | March 4th 17
3.5 greatellagos | February 8th 17
4.0 excellentphanboy4 | February 6th 17
3.5 greatanobsoletevernacular | February 2nd 17

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