Catacombs   In the Depths of R'lyeh
Release Date: 2006

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4.0 excellentBallsDeep | July 3rd 16

I can say with complete confidence that this is one of the heaviest things ever recorded.
The combination of the dissonant guitar lead with the devastatingly heavy chords and
ungodly deep growls (bolstered by the thunderous production) makes for a pretty
overwhelming listen, which thankfully is exactly what most seek from doom metal. It's
also got a somewhat hypnotic quality to it in my opinion, which becomes a little more
evident when listening through headphones.

However at a runtime of 73 minutes and with virtually no deviation from the
aforementioned formula plus the fact that is crawls at an absolute snails pace, I can
see how many would become disengaged after the first couple of tracks. Whether that's a
token to how oppressive the album is or whether its due to over simplistic and lazy
songwriting could be argued either way.

Ultimately this release is worth checking out for any fan of funeral doom (or extremely
heavy music in general) or fall all those who think they'd enjoy being sonically
bludgeoned into submission for 73 minutes straight with no respite.


3.0 goodyas666eer | February 29th 08

Great Album.... This in not one to listen to when your in super high spirits :D . Grinding riffs with alternate timing paves way song to the next.. Pretty decent vocals (Growls). Must listen to any Funeral doom fan


2.5 averageAdolfChrist | March 20th 17
3.0 goodEphemeralEternity | February 13th 17
4.0 excellentLeprosy123 | December 31st 16
3.0 goodIanman | June 28th 16
2.5 averageenedwaith | September 21st 15
4.0 excellentJacob818Hollows | May 5th 15
3.0 goodFlyheadMetal | December 15th 14
2.0 poorDopeFiend88 | November 22nd 14
3.0 goodCaptainDooRight | October 30th 14
5.0 classicSWOLLFERKTIL3467 | May 19th 14
4.5 superbcopi111 | January 21st 14
3.5 greattarkus | January 10th 14
5.0 classicTheWiseguy | February 24th 13
4.0 excellentGrandpaSeth3000 | January 15th 13
3.0 goodThor | April 28th 12
4.0 excellentvdop | August 30th 10
4.5 superbsataniel | June 30th 10
4.0 excellentSet | November 28th 09
4.0 excellentZoo | August 31st 09
2.0 poorfireaboveicebelow | July 17th 09
3.5 greatOmegaSwitch | November 28th 08
3.0 goodSpektrum | October 13th 08

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