Mates of State   My Solo Project
Release Date: 2000

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4.0 excellentTheManMachine | January 15th 16

Actually not anyone's solo project, but may as well be given the peerless compatibility of this hubby-n-wife dyad -- the latter opts for bass-y organ-buzz melodics and the former bashes out backseat-but-binding drum-work, and thanks to pliant playing, their scant instrumentation is a non-issue. But it's the unbridled enthusiasm of their vocal duality that makes scantness not only a viable platform, but a complimentary one as well: their harmonic sanguinity showcases the sort of cutesy+un-fuckwithable merger that should make the eternally-single and common-couples alike feel envious and queasy, yet it's so damn contagious, genuine, and straight-up affable that deep down all parties tuning in are secretly hoping for a dinner invite or double date. Like any righteous meant-to-be's, they're in sync even when they're yelping discrepancies over each other -- actually, that may be their forte. And like any righteous meant-to-be's scoping a future together, they got goals: "Let's unravel the edge of time", err maybe a bit high-flown. "I'd color the sky with you / I'd let you choose the blue", now that seems feasible.


4.0 excellentbarr27 | December 9th 07

When people say they like Mates of State. This is why. Not because of their newer material. On my solo project they have that raw feel to it, as if they made it in the bathroom, but it still sounds awesome because their music is comprised of two instruments. With the complexity in the keyboarding and the unique beats of the drums mixed in with simultaneous singing from the couple, it hooks you in to listening to the whole thing.


4.0 excellentExitOnly | March 30th 15
3.5 greatTheLegendofMichael | August 23rd 14
3.5 greatTheScariestFish | January 12th 14
4.0 excellentpitchforkdotcom | June 13th 13
3.5 greatFevaPowa | September 22nd 12
4.0 excellentratbastard | June 16th 12
4.0 excellentClupidBlorropope | July 3rd 11
2.5 averagehellblau | November 6th 10
3.0 goodFakeBlood | September 28th 10
3.5 greatmppwns | June 10th 10
4.0 excellentBledWh1te | June 1st 10
3.5 greatYotimi | December 24th 08
4.5 superbFloydmarr | October 29th 08
3.0 goodpettri | October 4th 08
4.5 superbfakefrowns | August 26th 08
4.0 excellentjeremologyy | May 17th 08
2.0 poordonovr | December 13th 07

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