Ophidian   Blackbox
Release Date: 2003

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4.5 superbAlabaster Jones | October 2nd 16

Conrad Hoyer, better known as Ophidian, is a name easily recognized in certain underground techno circles and pretty much nowhere else. Likewise, Blackbox is an important and overlooked masterwork of techno that gets its due diligence in the underground, and little exposure elsewhere. It specializes in the "gabber" style of techno, a very energetic, fast-paced, even abrasive style, and mixes that with industrial tech and a penchant for eerie ambient backdrops. Thus, it happens to be aggressive and relentless while also being intricate and nuanced. While songs like "Asphyxia" and "Strychnine" bludgeon the listener with pulsing and scratching beats at 200+ bpm with little else, these are the minority. On most of the material here, while the jarring beats pulsate away, the background is filled with a discernible ambient soundscape, made either by synth work or sample work. The beats shift in their aggressiveness a couple times in-song to give the listener a break, and overall the work is varied well enough to neither bore or overload the listener. It's truly a landmark album in gabber, and one of the best hardcore techno albums ever put to wax.

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3.5 greatChino smoking it up! | November 23rd 18

some friend told me this was hardcore industrial...well this is not that...his head only sees
techno, so that was implicit...either way..the ambient soundscape is fuckin awesome and you get
automatically engaged with the beat...wasn't expecting to listen this in full but I just couldn't
stop. Textures on this are amazingly explored tickling your brain constantly.


5.0 classicHerbie Chrost | February 27th 18

Holy Jesus Mother Fucking H Christ...


4.0 excellentFiddy; local potato, atonality advocate, and salsa enthusiast | February 18th 20
4.5 superbLee Whear | November 10th 19
5.0 classicTheBarber | July 14th 19
3.5 greatNickLizard49 | February 25th 19

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