In Flames   Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg
Release Date: 2016

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4.0 excellentresident sputbirb with fancy hat | November 17th 16

This is about the live DVD/bluray. In Flames proove once again that they still are an amazing force live with this new document of their latest show in gothenburgs 'Skandinavium'. Nearly every song on here sounds better than on their respective studio albums, everything is energetic and filled to the brim with positive energy. The setlist is almost exclusively assembled from their modern records and that shows, as those songs are clearly meant for the live environment. Even the songs from siren charms are powerful and prove their worth live (even through oblivion). Im still glad there were no songs from battles on the setlist though. Many people criticize anders live performance, which i cant understand at all tbh, since he sounds more varied and emotive than in the studio. I at least can feel honest emotion from his live performance. This live DVD reinvigorated my lost love for modern in flames somewhat and that alone should be reason enough to watch this. m/ In Live Flames we trust m/

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2.0 poorAlucard125 | September 27th 16

Despite boasting a setlist which "tears through the band's entire history", the token old track we get is 'Resin'
from 1999's Colony - A personal favourite, but has definitely sounded better. Anders sounds dreadful, the song
choices are poor, and the whole thing is a mess. But then again, did we expect anything else? If you want a
decent live In Flames album, stick with Used & Abused.

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1.0 awfulKusangii | November 16th 16

"This DVD is for everyone who was been following our career; we have songs from the early
years, the middle years and the new era". - Björn Gelotte, 2015.

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0.0 alamo | July 30th 18

this should be called sounds from the butt of gothenburg


2.0 poorGhost22446 | November 6th 16

Setlist which "tears through the band's entire history"? How? There are
like 7 songs from Siren Charms and majority of this tracklist consists
of their recent albums. There is not a single pre-Colony song here and
I think that Resin and Only For The Weak were added as an attempt to
please their longtime fans (or former longtime fans, like me) and they
failed. My advice is if you want to see/hear some solid In Flames live
performance, then go and listen to their older live albums like Used
And Abused or The Tokyo Showdown. Don't bother with this.


3.5 greatHeavenlyGirl | December 19th 18
2.5 averageFiverooni | December 13th 18
2.0 poorswipenet | July 27th 18
5.0 classicDasimusPlagues | March 6th 18
3.5 greatwojodta | February 27th 18
4.0 excellentRepsaj | August 16th 17
4.0 excellentAndreasTanis | July 19th 17
3.5 greatvkristi | July 6th 17
3.5 greatTheNightMaster | June 25th 17
3.0 goodrich1588 | June 3rd 17
3.5 greatMattRayleigh | May 12th 17
3.0 goodNagrarok | March 14th 17
3.0 goodmontekristoo99 | February 3rd 17
1.0 awfulcolony666 | November 25th 16
3.0 goodGbhill | October 24th 16
3.0 goodTheJestersDoor | October 17th 16
3.0 goodInFlamesWeThrash666 | September 24th 16

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