The Cambiata   Into the Night
Ranking: #63 for 2006

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5.0 classicdancelogandance | October 9th 08

The Cambiata are an incredibly overlooked 5 piece from portland maine. This debut album is loaded with style, flair, creativity, and talent. The band has a huge following in New England as this album blends facets of hardcore, rock, pop, and jazz into one package that will be what those looking for something they’ve never heard before, something they want.

The lead vocals are handled by Chris Moulton. Moulton is everything a band could want in a frontman. As you are listen you can hear every ounce of emotion in his voice as he can soothe you and then in next verse belt out his all with his screams. His voice in a way sound like a more mature version of Daryl Palumbo mixed with lyrics so poetic they could be published. Just his dynamic range and ability to give his all is enough to easily push him up into the upper echelon of today’s vocalists.
The vocals are made better by the fact that the musicianship is remarkable. The dual guitar work is so well architected and creative that almost every song has that “wow” moment that has every guitarist will wish they came up with it. Though these guitarist by no means “shred” (which I for one am happy about), their is skill is impossible to not recognize. Also the guitar tone is incredible the cleans are sparkling and the distortion isn’t over saturated giving such a unique feel during heavier moments. The bassist has a great ability to groove. The bass is perfectly mixed as is never drowned out. The bass add the exact amount of texture that it is supposed too. The drums are on par with the rest of the band. None of beats are repetitive yet they never are too flashy. The drummer always adds some double bass or a great fill as exactly the right moment.

It’s amazing that a band that is unsigned and relatively unknown can release such an incredible album. This album is what an album should be. The songs, though different from each other, connect so well and take the listener on a journey. Reign of Apples the album’s opener simulates the feeling of a lounge act with it’s jazzy breaks then follow with a breakdown that would make all the metal kids happy. The closer Once in a Minor Manor, has an almost creepy verse, an epic chorus, and a superb ending riff that seamlessly leads the listener back into that lounge act feel. Then the song splits into a second part where Chris’ vocals really shine.
This album is epic, and should be experienced by everyone

Best Tracks
Reign of Apples, Shards of Pornography, The First Positivism, Once in a Minor Manor

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4.5 superbTheSupernatural | September 23rd 14

Shards of Pornography so damn good. Chris Moulton has the best vocals and it's a shame the band never got big like Glassjaw or Letlive

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4.5 superbStrizzMatik | October 11th 21
5.0 classicapplesncyanide | December 4th 20
2.5 averageF1i2s3c4h5e6r7 | June 1st 19
4.0 excellentelephantREVOLUTION | May 20th 18
2.5 averagedrugsdrugsmoredrugs | March 21st 15
5.0 classicAbsurdlyWorn | July 20th 14
5.0 classicJMann | June 17th 13
5.0 classiccrowing51 | August 20th 10
5.0 classicsamd779 | March 13th 10
4.0 excellentGBJ | May 14th 09

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