Tetragrammacide   Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix
Release Date: 2017

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0.0 iloveyouall | August 12th 16

"from the blackened crips of india"
holy shit kill me now lmoa lmoa fucccccck

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0.0 the last train to lethe | November 11th 17

HUGE improvement over Typhonian Wormholes, which I hated, this album is actually fucking brilliant and has many many cool and unique moments.


0.0 POZERKILLER | August 4th 16

From the blackened crips of India comes a band so utterly barbaric and beastial they forgot how to actually play music.
Tetragrammacide are a relatively knew band in the realms of BEASTIAL WARBLACKENED GOAT METAL NOISE TERROR and god do they suck, god knows what IRON BONEHEAD was thinking when they decided to sign this band of drunks bashing on their instruments. Were do I start?

Criticizing the bands musicianship is borderline impossible since there basically is none. Unless the sound of a car crash mixed with bashing on drums and the recording of someone being murdered in the background passes as musicianship, the sound is that ***ing bad, so bad that even DoomThrone seem like experts on songwriting. Tetragrammacide do not need to learn instruments like a bunch of plebs, they simply kick their instruments down the stairs.

As for the production, it is no doubt Tetragrammacide are simply so ***ing evil they ate their sound Engineer, as is the case with many *black metal* bands, if you can call it that, as if this abhorrent pile of horse manure even passes as any music genre.

Possibly the worst attempt at black metal ive ever heard in my entire life, even Radio Disney crap like Dimmur borgir is a good antidote to this headache inducing noise, the drums sound like pots and pans falling down the stairs and anything the guitars play is buried under the worst production ever.

Instead of describing how terribly this is I will write a list of things I would rather do than listen to it again.

Listen to Brokencyde for ten years on repeat.

Stick a Cactus up my anus.

Invite a hooker to *** on me.

I will also write a list of things to do with this album to make use of it.

Use it as target practice.

use the disc as a frisbee.

use the booklet to whip my ass.

An embarrassing attempt at music.


3.5 greatGazAldo | February 21st 18
3.5 greatVagitarianZombie | February 12th 18
3.5 greatadr | January 12th 18
3.5 greatMrlexiphanic | January 10th 18
2.5 averageA. Wolfe | December 21st 17
3.5 greattwipzdeeauxilia | December 17th 17
1.0 awfulcylinder | December 11th 17
3.5 greatRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | December 11th 17
3.5 greatemester | December 5th 17
4.0 excellentbrainmelter | December 2nd 17
2.5 averageFrank - the rater of 3.5 | November 24th 17
2.5 averageElynna | November 14th 17
4.0 excellentwacknizzle | November 13th 17
2.0 poorworthlessscab | November 11th 17

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