The Heliocentrics   From the Deep
Release Date: 2016

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4.0 excellentAlabaster Jones | November 13th 16

It's that type of jazz that you can imagine being recorded in a constant haze of smoke and dim lighting. The type that expresses so many things through a distinctly cinematic approach and a murky production job. The type that The Heliocentrics perform so wonderfully on From The Deep. It's kind of hard to pinpoint what is the best part of this album. It's all so incredibly consistent and coherently written and explores the chilled, the tense, the wandering, and the brisk elements of their jazz-funk sound thoroughly. It sounds positively stunning with its hazy production job, and the intricacies one can find on each song during each listen are numerous. While compositionally it may be the most original jazz-funk out there, it still manages to sound pretty fresh due to the atmosphere and the various tones of said atmosphere. Really, if you want to hear a phenomenal jazz-funk record, The Heliocentrics have you covered with another excellent performance.

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4.0 excellentJared Floryan | June 24th 16

From the soil rises an asphalt-like creature with the personality befitting that of a stoner. He spends a lot of his time sitting out in nowhere wearing a tutu and having a meditative album of his own choice on repeat; that record in question is From the Deep, a 2016 studio recording by London-based musical collective The Heliocentrics. Sporting 19 tracks in all that amalgamate jazz, funk, and hip-hop styles thanks to drummer and producer Malcolm Catto's involvement, the album is easily digestible taking into amount how minuscule many of the songs are here in terms of length, not to mention how well this effort flows. It's basically solid listening for the plants and layers alike, and From the Deep is another one of those releases that can work wonders if one wishes to find enlightenment.


3.0 goodProle | September 8th 19
4.0 excellentloves uplifting twinkly bs | July 10th 19
4.0 excellentL4titudes | September 4th 18
4.0 excellentSite HevyDevy Specialist | July 19th 18
3.0 goodEmperorRyker | January 18th 17
4.0 excellenttwwerkcity | January 8th 17
3.5 greatformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | December 29th 16
3.0 goodFrank - the rater of 3.5 | November 27th 16
4.0 excellentINDIVIDVALTHOUGHT | November 24th 16
3.5 greatpolyrhythm | November 11th 16
4.5 superbYetAnotherBrick | September 28th 16
4.0 excellentceart go leor im droim | August 20th 16
3.5 greatscissorlocked | August 2nd 16
4.5 superbAnimadversion | July 13th 16
3.0 goodmontekristoo99 | July 11th 16
3.5 greatzundza | June 30th 16
4.0 excellentMotokoKusanagi | June 29th 16
3.5 greatjtswope | June 27th 16
3.0 goodJohn Darr | June 23rd 16
3.5 greatwtferrothorn | June 22nd 16
4.5 superbthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | June 19th 16

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