Kamaiyah   A Good Night in the Ghetto
Release Date: 2016

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4.0 excellentTheManMachine | May 22nd 16

Rather than target mere nineties nostalgia, Kamaiyah trajects something more along the lines of assured nineties make-believe: rockin' brick phones+beepers+Guess gear, an N64-flaunting music video, interludial landline phone-rings, the 'hoochie-hoo's and 'woopty-woop's, tunes titled "Mo Money Mo Problems" and "One Love". But despite the well-touted throwback traits, this is a straight-up hip-hop refresher -- not just cuz this unapologetic freaky-freak hoyden-queen crushes most of her peers in frequently fluent verse-work and can absolutely rock a hook besides, or from the beats not being produced by Trap-Dude-X for once -- but for seemingly evading violence in favor of rags-to-success euphoria/living every damn day like it's Friday/fuckin' up the club, from the advocacy of a girl looking to 'break down' the guy for a change while declining to become his tied-down steady, cuz "Come Back" is a lush r&b request for an ex to stay put rather than return. And just when you think it's all one ginormous sex-gala, in swoops a tearjerker finale; wherein her cancer-stricken dawg is movingly/somberly serenaded and the possibility of drinkin' out the bottle getting outta hand is professed. For someone claiming to have been doin' her own thang since like '94, not bad: theoretically, she would've just begun learning how to talk.

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4.0 excellentcjbizzlebizzle | September 7th 16

And summer 2016 is gone. One thing that will certainly not be forgotten from the season is A Good Night in the Ghetto by Kamaiyah. A West Coast, G-Funk style hip-hop album at heart that feels like it could fit in at just about any point in the last two decades but still stays modern enough with a unique blend of lyrics and Kamaiyah's own refreshing style. It only takes a few moments to realize that the record is a rap album at heart and the lead lyricist is ready to live it up partying, sexin' and drinking. These topics sound somewhat stereotypical but it is all too rare coming from the ladies it feels like a true change of pace; especially with the caliber of rap talent put on display here and the lack of poppy hooks (hopefully this album is a new trend, blame the game). At times the production is flat and the album certainly can be taken as a bit one-note from beginning to end but these negatives weigh in very little on the overall experience which flies by and leaves truly great tracks behind such as I'm On, Niggas, Ain't Goin Home, Drinkin' Out the Bottle and more. Considering this is classified as a mixtape and her debut work, the future looks more than bright for Kamaiyah, the out come of 'How Does It Feel' seems certain.


0.0 Slex CONTRIBUTOR | May 22nd 16

i still need to listen to this, How Does it Feel? is crazy goodrregardless, album cover of the year atleast


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3.0 goodAustintatious | March 30th 16
3.5 greatanobsoletevernacular | March 25th 16
2.5 averagehal qaeda | March 24th 16

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