Maximum the Hormone   Mimi Kajiru Shinuchi
Release Date: 11/2015

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4.5 superbInfiniteBeak | April 29th 16

I literally just discovered that this exists, if the next proper MTH album is anything like this, it'll be fucking unreal.

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4.0 excellentashcrash9 | May 7th 17

*incoherent yelling*

yep, it's MTH

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3.5 greatzaruyache | December 2nd 17

The new version of "Abara Bob" with its breakbeat section and nu metal riffing is partially a blatant ripoff of Slipknot, yet unsurprisingly MTH still do Slipknot better than Slipknot ever did. This might just be a re-recording of some more obscure tracks, but it's still just as solid and ridiculous as anything else MTH have ever done. Ridic punk rock/hardcore/metal/rap/power rock that changes styles fluidly at the drop of a hat and is always goofy fun.


4.0 excellentJared Floryan | February 4th 16

I can frankly say without uncertainty that Maximum the Hormone are one of the most exciting music groups to have come from Japan. Based in Tokyo, this pop metal quartet have a discography that basically signifies how much fun their output is on the inside as well as out. MTH might've had a rough start akin to a lot of their contemporaries, initially emerging onto the scene with a traditionally punk sound, but they were able to win me over as the years progressed. A good two years after Yoshu Fukushu was released, here lies Mimi Kajiru Shinuchi: a re-recording of the band's 2002 release that features cover artwork inspired by the latter. After having compared this to the original version, the growth in instrumental ability has become as clear as day, and I feel that this bonus does a sweet job at making an attempt to introduce post-Kusoban followers to the stuff Maximum the Hormone dished out prior to it alongside the next three big offerings. The new renditions of "Usugimi Billy" and "Ningen Enpi" are way too precious.


4.0 excellentDatsNotDaMetulz | January 28th 16

Maximum the Hormone re-recorded their ultra-rare (now out of print) 2002 album Mimi Kajiru as a bonus for fans who purchased their live album Deka vs Deka, and the growth in musicianship is clear. Some songs have seen radical changes, such as the crazy breakbeat moments of the new look "Abara Bob", while both Johnny Tetsu Pipe tracks have been merged together for Johnny Tetsu Pipe III. The lack of 2 tracks is a shame but this is a great re-recording for new fans to experience more MTH music, and die-hard fans with all the old music to see how the band have grown in terms of musical ability (if not in maturity) in the past 14 years.


4.0 excellentShadowNeko | August 24th 18
4.0 excellentresident sputbirb with fancy hat | August 17th 18
4.0 excellentDirEnMotionless | January 13th 18
4.0 excellentCygnusX1 | December 13th 17
4.0 excellentmauRo13 | July 22nd 17
4.0 excellentfordsoad | November 4th 16
4.5 superbAsixMaster | August 11th 16
3.5 greatjusplathemus | April 22nd 16

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