The Range   Potential
Release Date: 2016

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4.0 excellentTheManMachine | June 2nd 16

The opening one-two punch of portentous make-or-break cliffhanger and stately dance-floor euphoria perseveres as a gratifying trend throughout -- it's consistently urgent, gripping, inspirative; and when it comes down to most overarching, celebratory. From surreptitiously championing the voices of uncharted commoners via molding barely-viewed Youtubers into majestic hook-meisters and reappropriated ramblers to clenching clean-n-classy with no forfeiture of detail-n-potency to the utilization of many-a sparkly piano and feather-flutter cymbal with no lapse of sizable significance, he blends catchy immediacy and valuable instrumentals like no one's business -- and has a hell of a time doing it. Perceived commerciality and dramatic pop-leanings may scare off some of the die-hard electro-dudes: oh just submit already. If all else fails, the guy can really champion a voice.


4.0 excellentRoundOnEndHiInMiddle | April 1st 16

In the realm of what is colloquially known as "future garage", there's a few select artists that have earned the respect of electronic music lovers everywhere. I'm sure you can guess who they are, these major-leaguers, but taking a closer look at the scene, you can find some minor-league guys who might have what it takes to move up the ranks. The aptly named Potential is something of a tryout for The Range, who's always been at least competent, but never before reaching the heights he's found here. Aside from a couple of songs that contain some less-than-appealing vocals, the record is an excellent collection of hip-hop influenced UK garage and dubstep, bursting at the seams with personality and skill. Perhaps the best example of this is "Five Four", which ultimately mixes introspective hip-hop with atmospheric dubstep in a tactful and wholly pleasing manner. The other songs are too far down in terms of quality, though, as each song here has something to offer, whether it be catchy, skippy samples or smooth, minimalistic, wondering beat work. Could The Range reach the ranks of the greats of the scene? If he continues to improve like this, he very much could.


2.0 poorthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | January 24th 19
4.0 excellentstillknight | August 10th 17
3.0 goodPsyche | June 16th 17
3.0 goodconermc | May 1st 17
4.5 superbhvariations | April 24th 17
4.0 excellentchupacabraisreal | January 13th 17
3.5 greatKirk Bowman CONTRIBUTOR | December 28th 16
3.0 goodchtrenne | December 10th 16
4.0 excellentchayka | December 9th 16
3.5 greatDoofusWainwright | December 9th 16
3.5 greatEmperorRyker | October 28th 16
4.0 excellentYotimi | October 18th 16
3.0 goodjtswope | September 15th 16
3.5 greatgenocidefish | September 13th 16
4.0 excellentfred durst riffs harder than you | August 3rd 16
5.0 classicLE0Night | July 29th 16
4.0 excellentEast Hastings | July 19th 16
2.5 averageL4titudes | July 14th 16
4.5 superbrovert620 | July 6th 16
3.5 greatChortles | June 23rd 16
3.5 greatFlipTrackz | June 20th 16
3.5 greatoltnabrick | May 20th 16
4.0 excellenttruekebabpower | May 9th 16
3.0 goodTomBombadil | May 2nd 16
3.0 goodceart go leor im droim | April 9th 16
4.0 excellentDrydareelin | April 8th 16
3.5 greatbasementality | April 8th 16
2.5 averagekylemccluskey | April 8th 16
4.0 excellentbrandontaylor | April 7th 16
3.5 greatRail | April 7th 16
5.0 classicJared P. STAFF | April 5th 16
3.0 goodnotkanyewest | April 3rd 16
4.0 excellentWhiteOwl | March 30th 16
3.5 greatellagos | March 30th 16
3.0 goodWillie STAFF | March 28th 16
3.5 greatJamieTwort | March 26th 16
4.0 excellentbrokencycle | March 25th 16
3.5 greatIs Ride a Cucumber Face Mask band? | March 21st 16

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