Meek Mill   4/4
Release Date: 2016

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2.5 averageExitOnly | January 26th 16


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2.5 averageAlabaster Jones | January 17th 16

More like 2:4. Meek's 2015 started off good enough with his admittedly fun and charismatic sophomore full-length, but then he had to go and take shots at Drake, and the rest is history. This EP is like a microcosm of his last year. Because while "Pray For 'Em" and "Gave 'Em Hope" are classic Meek; intense, angry, and with some great lines interspersed, his freestyle of Drake and Future's "I'm The Plug", one of the better tracks off of their 2015 collaboration, is pretty bad bar a line or two, and "FBH" doesn't do much of anything. At this point, it would be best for Meek to just accept that he got absolutely murked by Drizzy and just move on from that whole thing. It'd be better for everyone, but it especially be better for him, because if he hadn't have wasted his time on that track and instead put out something similar to the opener, this EP would've been pretty good. Let's hope DC4 is better.

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0.0 elchapoisjesus | March 22nd 16

Album: 4/4 EP
Artist: Meek Mill
Release Date: January 17, 2015
Favorite Songs: Im Da Plug Freestyle, FBH
Songs That Could Be Better: Pray For Em, Gave Em Hope
Least Favorite Songs: N/A
Meek Mill surprises his fans (I'm not sure if he even has any anymore) and gives a preview of Dreamchasers 4 with this new EP. This EP is full of club bangers and disses. He disses Drake, Future, and 50 Cent. Why in the world is Meek still still dissing Drake? Didn't we leave that in 2015? Like what is he trying to prove here? Drake killed him with his soft ass diss. Also he's dissing 59 Cent now. 50 Cent murdered his boss, Rick Ross, (not literally) and is one of the fiercest dissers and destroyed Ja Rule. Whu would you diss him after that? Like Meek, I'm doing this for your own good. Don't be a moran and stop dissing rappers who are better than you. Also Meek Mill still sounds like someone's squeezing lemons in his eye while he's yelling into a fan. But the production was amazing. It was straight up trap fire. Also his delivery and flow weren't too bad. But sometimes he was off beat. Im Da Plug Freestyle and FBH are the only songs worth listening on this EP. But 4/4 was a major step up from DWMTM and I Wanna Know and it gives me some hope that Dreamchasers 4 might be good.
Lyrics: 4
Techncality: 6
Flow: 6
Vocals: 1
Production: 9
Delivery: 7
Creatvity: 5
Guest Appearances: N/A
Tracklist: 7
Replay Value: 6
Score: 5.7/10 (Mediocre)


0.0 elchapoisjesus | March 21st 16

Album: 4/4 Part 2 - EP
Artist: Meek Mill
Release Date: January 30, 2016
Favorite Songs: War Pain
Songs That Could Be Better: Ricky
Least Favorite Songs: Slippin, Fa Sho
Two weeks later, Meek Mill returns with a 4 track EP. On this EP Meek throws even MORE shots at Drake and 50 Cent. While his diss aimed at Drake (War Pain) was amazing, the rest of this EP was advanced trash. His delivery was annoying and it was unlistenable. His flow was and his lyrics were decent. But the guest features were terrible besides Omelly. But the production was fantastic with great vocal samples and nice melodies. The only thing worth listening on this album is War Pain which was a mind blowing diss track. It was released only 15 minutes after Drake dropped Summer Sixteen and Meek called Drake a fruitcake, called his fans gay dick riders, and mentioned Summer Sixteen. 4/4 Part 2 is garbage but Meek won this round and War Pain is worth listening to.
Lyrics: 6
Technicality: 6
Flow: 6
Vocals: 1
Production: 8
Delivery: 1
Creativity: 4
Tracklist: 4
Replay Value: 3
Score: 3.6 (Very Bad)


2.5 averagedihstyle69 | January 17th 16

meek mill shows that he's still not over all that drake drama and his new beef with 50 is just as dumb. the beats bang hard but everything else is just cringeworthy. 2.5-


4.0 excellentKillatrigga | February 9th 19
2.5 averagesuppatime | July 6th 18
3.0 goodPicassoBaby | November 26th 17
1.5 very poorKurisu | September 19th 17
3.0 goodslipandslide | August 4th 17
2.5 averagetellah | July 25th 17
2.0 pooritsalargeboat | June 12th 17
2.0 poorCxaylward | February 23rd 17
2.0 poorKrisa | January 1st 17
2.0 poor1017Chris | September 14th 16
3.0 goodTheSleepys | June 15th 16
2.5 averageMicrophoneFiend | June 4th 16
1.0 awfulTheDjentyRanga | March 27th 16
4.0 excellentbond1960 | March 19th 16
2.0 poorBigH20 | February 23rd 16
3.0 goodYungShaggy | February 18th 16
2.5 averageJordan M. STAFF | February 5th 16
1.5 very poorHep Kat | January 31st 16
2.5 averagegardncl | January 27th 16
2.0 pooroltnabrick | January 26th 16
3.0 goodKronzo | January 23rd 16
2.5 averageEvoHavok | January 23rd 16
3.0 goodNickelbackFTL | January 21st 16
2.0 poorbluecliffy | January 21st 16
1.5 very poornuclearassault4 | January 20th 16
2.5 averageBradleyLayne | January 19th 16
2.5 averageDavidl31 | January 18th 16
1.5 very poorStereochrome1 | January 18th 16
2.5 averagePsyQonaut | January 18th 16
3.0 goodjoshrhodes | January 17th 16
3.0 goodellagos | January 17th 16
3.0 goodMirandaKerrYouCould | January 17th 16
3.0 goodaaronrkc | January 17th 16

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