Submotion Orchestra   Colour Theory
Release Date: 2016

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3.0 goodRivalSkoomaDealer | January 5th 16

Unfortunately, there seems to be a clear step backward in quality on Colour Theory from previous
LPs. The jazzier elements here seem like an afterthought at times and the dub elements are more
heavily emphasized. Meanwhile, the melodies take a much more basic pop oriented direction. The
moods here are similar to previous outings but much brighter which may be a positive aspect for
some. But it's hard to deny that this seems pretty middle-of-the-road for a band that has proven
they're capable of better.

Not a bad LP, just not really what I wanted from them.

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3.0 goodChoccyPhilly | April 3rd 16

Too much is just too uneventful


4.0 excellentTwoStepNancy | March 11th 16

Quickly, I would like to introduce myself as a newcomer to the sputnikmusic community. This is my
very 1st review I have ever written, on any song, on any platform. That being said, I'd like to
dive right in. To the negative reviewers - try giving this album a few more listens. Obviously,
this isn't the same Submotion Orchestra that pulled you in from the git. However, I definitely
feel the release of this Colour Theory was well timed & serves the purpose its creators intended.
SubOrch has always been something of their own and that's why we are fans. Keep in mind this group
is a live-oriented band. You don't go to a show to hear Submotion, you go to experience them

"Obvious lack of a standout track." - What I see with Colour Theory, is a standout album. Music
appreciation is an art of its own.

But really, I don't have much to say about this album. It's a wonderfully flowing piece. I think
meant to be a part of the room, & not a focal point. If you can't get positively lost in this
work, I think you are trying too hard to find a "head-turner" for your public playlists (I am
ALWAYS trying to find these tracks, to broaden my friends dreadfully dim musical palates - there's
more to life than what radio plays, guys!!). But here, friends - let this album have its time
with you. A few listens, cover to cover uninterrupted. You can put this on while you're doing
almost anything - Dinner parties, road trips, home chores, idle time... IT'S GOOD STUFF!! =D


3.5 greatRoundOnEndHiInMiddle | February 24th 16

Though it might not be quite up to par with the past releases from this Leeds septet, Colour Theory still showcases the vibrant and enjoyable form of downtempo and dubstep that they're known for playing so well. Ruby Woods' vocals really take center stage on the tracks she's on, and the production is more subdued, yet is really brought to life while she sings. On tracks that don't feature vocals, the production is more intricate, but still spacious and easy to get lost in. The downfall of the album lies with its repetitiveness in the songwriting department as well as the lack of a standout track. Sure, all the tracks here good, but the album really starts to blend in with itself after several tracks. It's enjoyable and easy to listen to, but when each song uses many colors, the end mixture is a singular, white color. It's like the light spectrum. That being said, it's still a pretty good listen, even if it isn't up to snuff with their other releases.


4.5 superbzxlkho | January 11th 16

not sure what you're all on about, but this is really good


2.5 averageJasonCarne | January 8th 16

This is very weak compared to their last few releases. Even when trying to remove myself from knowing they're capable of stronger material, this is pretty uninspired, tepid stuff.


4.5 superbsometimes i shit and think and sometimes i just shit | March 14th 18
3.5 greatTroggy | November 8th 17
3.5 greatHaelaeif | October 6th 17
4.0 excellentariich | June 24th 17
3.5 greatDANcore | November 23rd 16
3.0 goodwojodta | November 11th 16
2.5 averageelemunt | September 28th 16
3.5 greatEcnalzen | September 25th 16
4.0 excellentsondrehav | September 16th 16
4.0 excellentEldave93 | August 23rd 16
3.0 goodjtswope | August 19th 16
4.0 excellentmelomANiaKk | June 19th 16
4.0 excellentFaraudo | June 16th 16
3.0 goodAndy H. B. | June 15th 16
4.0 excellentthis is the best album that i\\\'ve ever heard in my entire life. | May 22nd 16
2.5 averageFrank - the rater of 3.5 | April 7th 16
3.5 greatiPim | April 1st 16
4.0 excellentRail | March 26th 16
3.0 goodBeauville88 | March 2nd 16
4.0 excellentPassive Madman | February 29th 16
3.5 greatbrits Out : ) | February 27th 16
4.0 excellentlarrytheslug | February 26th 16
3.6 greatBrostep EMERITUS | February 23rd 16
4.0 excellentEast Hastings | February 19th 16
3.5 greatmeenwolf131 | January 26th 16
3.0 goodYetAnotherBrick | January 24th 16
4.0 excellentZantera | January 17th 16
4.0 excellentpachaim | January 14th 16
3.5 greatminimesmyidol | January 14th 16
3.5 greatEucatastrophe CONTRIBUTOR | January 5th 16

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