Aluk Todolo   Voix
Release Date: 2016

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3.5 greatTheManMachine | March 20th 16

A presumably single-session and perpetually-careening instrumental that's generously chopped into six time-stamped sections, this is a hypnotic and riotous exercise in all-out steadfast propulsion that scarcely isn't cramming the skull full-a mesmerizing cacophony. Stabile and subtly-chugged dual-note bass repetitions and nimble-yet-constant drumming maintain a well-trudged path while guitars are usually used to twist and shriek, but now and then pluck out a clarion riff for good measure. And though every so often it builds up to peak-like intensifications and wanders into restless tear-downs, the tautological persistence can feel a bit superabundant on the whole. Eh, small price-2-pay for a grime-groove so bewitching-n-jittery that the final calm-down halfway through "9:29" feels like a warranted post-orgasmic release.


4.0 excellentRoundOnEndHiInMiddle | February 13th 16

It's been four years since the band that made Occult Rock has seen daylight, but VOIX proves that they're still on their game. The universe VOIX takes place in is a strange one, one where spidery bass and liquid drumming swirl around in a mass of drones and noisy guitar riffs. The production on this thing makes the guitars really come to life, with a lovely barrage of noise coming in some places, and eerie, lingering tones coming in during others. There's even a few moments on this record where the guitars sound like a locust swarm. The rhythm section is the true backbone of this project, though, as without the steadying hand of the drums and the familiar, wonderfully repetitive bass, this would all sound directionless and without thought. It does get somewhat samey towards the end, but they switch it up enough throughout the runtime to keep that notion from ballooning into a problem. In all, VOIX is an album easy to get lost in with its eerie, yet sometimes beautiful, atmospherics.


4.0 excellentchveikk | November 10th 18
3.0 goodosmark86 | May 8th 18
4.0 excellentem17ah | March 17th 17
2.5 averageGhandhiLion | February 19th 17
3.5 greatMaco097 | December 30th 16
3.0 goodulver1978 | November 5th 16
2.5 averageYou Are My Everlovin' | September 30th 16
4.5 superbAluktodolo | September 27th 16
3.5 greatJoergsonVomWalde | September 5th 16
3.5 greatTotengott | August 22nd 16
3.5 greatthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | June 18th 16
2.5 averageformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | June 13th 16
4.0 excellentYetAnotherBrick | June 9th 16
4.5 superbUlshad | April 23rd 16
3.5 greatprogsun | April 18th 16
4.5 superbRegulatorWatts | March 14th 16
3.5 greatBleachedNirvana | March 12th 16
3.0 goodHawks | March 8th 16
3.0 goodRail | March 7th 16
3.0 goodmontekristoo99 | March 5th 16
3.0 goodRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | February 24th 16
5.0 classicBreadOfBitterness | February 22nd 16
2.0 poorjtswope | February 18th 16
3.5 greatceart go leor im droim | February 16th 16
4.5 superbRustCohle | February 12th 16
3.5 greatCernobog | February 12th 16
3.5 greatoltnabrick | February 11th 16
3.5 greatFrank - the rater of 3.5 | February 11th 16
3.5 greatanobsoletevernacular | February 10th 16
4.0 excellentdjunior | February 7th 16
4.0 excellentslikphuk | February 5th 16

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